Me Too! But Not the Rest of Georgia :/

i've already written this story several times for other groups, so i'll just sum up.

undecided --> decision to vote for obama

feel good about it

got absentee ballot due to unholy hatred of lines

filled it out. sent it in.

here's the new part: georgia went with mccain anyway (or at least cnn is projecting that is will), and so my vote won't count toward the dad-blame electoral college, and therefore didn't really count for anything at all. blast.

but i did vote for you, obama! i really hope you win....

::fingers crossed, eyes to cnn::

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5 Responses Nov 4, 2008

i'm so happy! i really feel like america did a good thing, and that we're finally getting the country moving toward a good place again. a good place ideologically, within our own county and with respect to the rest of the world. better days ahead!

It's OK!! Obama still won more electorate votes! He's in! Hooray!!

My grandmother was a suffragette. My neice is an adopted black struggling daily with racism. I have been in a long term family relationship with a same sex & I know what it feels llike to be discriminated against for many reasons.<br />
Change is long overdue.

May you get all you deserve.

I'm hoping with you. I can't tear my eyes from CNN right now.