I have voted for President 12 times. My vote for President Obama in 2012 ranks as my 3rd most enthusiastic vote, my vote in 2008 being more enthusiastic.

Although he has pissed me off on many occasions, I believe he has been a good President with potential for  greatness.

WyattDuFuque WyattDuFuque
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Yes, he has been steadfast, and sought to be fair. The trouble is will he get caught in a crusader quagmire over gun control.
I believe in the right to bear arms, but does the way America approaches gun control a way to ensure violent streets. If the constitution is so sacred why do individual states seem to transmute it with their watering down of he constitution?

Although another topic, I am glad to expound on serious topics. as well.

Please do not assume I am being presumptuous or condescending because as a French citizen you may not be familiar with American constitutional law. I am writing to provide information to Americans who not understand Constitution as well as they should. I have argued before the second highest highest United States Court, and have appeared in the United States Supreme Court on constitutional issues

Justice Scalia in DC vs Heller wrote that's the second Amendment was not absolute and that states and local governments have the right to regulate firearms under the second Amendment , Justice Scalia, the courts most conservative number, Who believes that the Constitution should be interpreted as its framers would have interpreted it, i.e, the original intent doctrine, held that in the courts majority opinion.

Therefore, the states are not watering down the second Amendment, but responding to an obvious need, which Newtown Connecticut crystallized

Well, I meant there are laws made in some states which are later proved unconstitutional. Also, there was the amendment about alcohol which was overturned for the public good. So there is precedent for a reversal of edict.