My Life An Experiment In Bad Decisions

I have just left a 5 year relationship 2 months ago.  After reading all over the internet and listening to people, I believe it was a Toxic one.  2 people that really loved each other at first.  I was an ongoing battle with everything against us.  I after losing everything I worked for and did for this man have found out he is a sublte narcissist, a cheater, a user.  He seem to never have remorse and always had an excuse for everything.  The thing I am really mad at myself about is making these decisions thinking like an idiot that this man was truly with me.  I lost my 300,000$ house. lost my business that I bought after quiting a really good job thinking that this would somehow better our lives, filed bankruptcy, have no more money, and now have a shattered heart and I mean shattered.  This guy has no remorse he is already online looking for other women.  I left him with a repaired credit history which enable him to buy a house in our dream state.  He is still there with everything WE dreamed of.   Toxic yes, Blind yes, Discusting Yes, Now at 43 I have totally rebuild my life.  What really hurts is this guy was really just a simple white trash with a good job.  How was I so bamboozled by him and his great affections and fake personality.  I could go On and On but really

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Good luck to your new life, I wish you lots of happiness.

Thank You So Much I needed to Hear That

I'm proud of you to have seen through this and come out the other side. It doesn't matter nearly as much that you couldn't see it before but you have and now you can start over. No doubt it will be a challenge but we are all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Oh and plus, 3/4ths of this site is with you. We support you.