Someone Seen In Class

Summer of 2009...teaching an evening summer college course…a sophomore level student always sat in back then to the side but during the last four classes had moved right in the middle right up front. No one noticed (there were over 25 students) because not too many sat in the same place all the time and NO one sits in the middle front. I didn't think anything of it nor did anyone else.

You know the little baskets under the desks, for books, and you know how you could hook your heel on
them? Well, you can if you’re not tall. One night, I think there were two classes left before the final, as
I was talking I just happened to notice that she had her books on the floor next to a huge purse next to the desk and her heels were hooked on the front edge of the basket, and her legs were parted maybe a
foot or so, and she had on a skirt, not too short not too long, not particularly loose either....and when I
walked back and forth it was pretty hard not to notice her legs of course, bare legs, anklet socks and sneaks, and between her legs from some angles, the flash of light pink. I admit I am as much a
voyeur as the next person, well, a lot more than the next person but it wasn't like I was bending over
to look, the way she sat, it was just that at times, her panties were showing. Not a lot just if i got in front, which, OK, I did a little more than I might normally.

As the night went on, maybe around 8, a half hour to go, she did some reorganizing, got her notebook and another pen out of the bag, and when she got to sitting up again, her heels were still hooked over the front edge of the book basket but her knees were up a bit higher but now she was sitting with her legs very open...easily twice as much as before and I wondered if anyone else could see but of course
everyone was behind her by a row and there was really no way they should know, because if I got to the side all I saw they would see was her sitting as the skirt fell on the side and covered her thighs. I seemed to find myself unconsciously gravitating to the center, she was actually shaping my behavior, but I was more than aware of letting that happen, and it became hard to concentrate, pink panties now being
noticeable and her thighs, she had very pale skin tones, were very open. I remember trying NOT to look so much that I HAD to look to create the impression that I wasn’t staring and that flustered me, and I am usually unflappable when talking in class ,but I remember getting lost a few times and the kicker was when I got lost and KNEW I had been looking and tried to look at her face she was as pink as a person can be in blushing....which got me to stammering like an idiot, but no one seemed to notice as I joked about losing my place. There was o question it was on purpose because she just opened her legs a bit more as I was trying not to look at her but look at her. At this point her knees were perhaps 26 - 18 inches apart and the skirt open and there she was, pink panties just...there.... and I lost it, I just stood and said nothing and tried to cover what I had been looking at and no one noticed but she had
this look of holding her breath, eyes darting around, every now and then passing by my face, blushing and I was stammering and I regained my composure a little and then soon it was over and when people
were leaving, she grabbed her stuff and left with everyone else, not looking at me at all, and oh, did I have an interesting ride home!

The next class, she did the same thing but closer to the beginning of the class, perhaps a half hour in, this time her panties were light blue, and the following class, the night before the exam, white. Bikini briefs it seemed. Each time starting a bit after the class started, and because people don’t like to sit in the front row, alone in the front row, she opened her legs more. I was more direct in looking and by the end of the second night, I was searching out her eyes… see, that now meant MORE to me than the sight of her panties tight against her vulva…..our eyes occasionally met and we both would shift away immediately and then back. I also lost it a few times when she occasionally opened ever MORE for a moment....I was a basket case, and had already decided she knew I knew she knew I knew.

The night of the final exam....she had a similar skirt on, but the difference this night was that instead of standing and moving around, I was sitting at the desk in the front of the room. I admit that when I got to class I made sure I got there early and placed the desk in exactly a position across from where I fantasized she would be sitting, far back enough that if she did open her legs I would be able to see without making a scene.

She had her legs crossed and I pretended tried to read my laptop screen, but while enjoying her crossed legs, wished for more. Each time she crossed and uncrossed her legs I noticed the first movement and tried to look and not look....glimpses of white panties but no heart was pounding in a way I thought all could hear, and our eyes would occasionally meet quickly then quickly away; I would be looking at her and she looking up to see if I was, this plus trying hard not to be seen by anyone else...but all were busy writing or reading, I mean she was also…she had an A at midterm, before all this had started, so was not having a hard time from the rate that she turned pages. Yet, she seemed to be on the last page, slowly writing in her Blue Book, ....more than half the class had left and she began to open her legs as before , first one heel up on the basket, with a glimpse of white panties then the other then moving her legs apart. I could hardly breathe and she was looking so nervous, and any time she heard movement behind her as a person picked up to leave, her legs would close, always blushing or both of us furtively looking, seeking out eye contact.
All of a sudden, no warning at all, she put the pen down and closed the exam question list and Blue Book, and I thought OH NO she's finished! But she just got up and went out...all I could think of was the ladies room….I never cared if people came and went, even in tests. I guessed the ladies room then back to the exam, and I so wanted to check the exam sheet to see if she had lots left, but I didn’t dare to, s it would seem odd to the others who were still there. ....she came back in and sat down as she had in the beginning, legs closed then crossed her legs as she wrote slowly. Only perhaps four students were left at this point and she had her legs crossed and I was in despair that I would never see her again....her face gave no message I could discern, just blushing....and her eyes did not meet mine again and then I saw one heel slip up to the basket but her legs remained closed then the other heel went up with her legs closed and I was had absolute need to see more....I can’t explain it.....I knew she know was looking and she had obviously been doing this on purpose, but she HAD an A… was this fun? A dare? I wanted to just shout PLEASE, one more time! Minutes seemed decades, it sounds so trite but it was! Two students left, then only one remained, in the far back directly behind her. Then so slowly, her legs began to part, then quickly as she shifted in the seat, her legs opened with her knees touching the outside supports of the desk. Her legs were as wide open as they could be and her hand drifted down to the hem of her skirt and I looked, didn’t look, looked, didn’t look…as she just absently inched the hem up in the middle to mid thigh.

She had taken her panties off when she had left the room.

Her vulva was absolutely bare, smooth bare gorgeous, labia slightly parted...... she was crimson and looking down intently on her pen, not doing anything with the pen and she just held that position for minutes…her legs wide open, her labia so visible, only 7 feet away from me, and she glanced up and our eyes locked and she just exhaled quickly and looked down to her pen again and leaned a bit back and her legs opened a bit more. Then she closed her legs quickly and in a flurry of activity she folded her Blue Book, slipped the question sheet inside, reached down, dropped the pen in her bag and got up and never looking at me directly, put the Blue Book on the desk on top of others, stammered a “thank you for the course” almost unintelligibly, and left…..the classroom door has a window and when I looked up after her she was looking in and our eyes met and she just dashed off.
She was never in my class again.
My ride home in my car is another story.

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May 19, 2012