What ! Vulvar Cancer??

I finally got to a stage of my life that my husband and I could make the move from the Philadelphia area to beautiful Key West Florida. We have beed dreaming of doing this for 20 years and finally did.I am 51 yrs. old. We both took 6 months off from work to set up our new home and act like tourists in our new home town. I never had any extended time off from work since I started working at 19. We never had children so that included no maternity leave either.

I started work at the local hospital as an OR nurse, which I have been doing in different institutions for 30 years. I started feeling a hard nodule on the left side of the labia and thought I had a Bartholin's cyst.I asked some of my new co workers for a recommendation to a Gynecologist. Made the appointment with confidence I would need some form of surgery

Well upon examination it was evident that the nodule was cancer. My Gyn was compassionate and skilled enough to know that the surgery I needed could not be done in theis rural area and referred me to University of Miami and a wonderful GYN Oncologist. I was diagnsed by biopsy in the beginning of August. I had a modified radical Vulvectomy with reconstruction in September and had a good recovery period. Uncomfortable and sometimes overwhelming but I got through healing with no infections, etc. Even managed to stop smoking from the day of surgery till now.

I started chemo/radiation last week, which has put me in another tail spin. The Plastic surgeon held this off until all incisions were healed. Of course having that extra time made me start feeling like my old self I was exercising, riding my bicycle, kayaking, walking and actually believing I had everything beat. The radiation treatments aren't too bad yet but I know the more I have will start with skin changes and bowel and urine complications. Chemo sucks It takes approx. 5 hours in infuse everything and it just makes you feel nauseaous even with the meds. So now I feel like I am moving backwords It really drains all your energy. I know I have 5 more weeks but I can't seem to remain positive or hopeful. This attitude got me through everything up to this point.
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51-55, F
Jan 12, 2013