Anyone Heard From The Ladies?

I gave my wife an enema last night. We have been giving eachother enemas for 12 years and we enjoy it. She says she is going to do me tonight. We are not hearing from the ladies. What do people think about asking this question in another group, such as "I want you to ask me naughty questions" or "I am open to new sexual experiences"?
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After 12 years of experience what do you like best.

My wife likes a plain water enema, about 1.5 quarts, every month. I like a soap-suds enema, 2 quarts, a little more often. We both take them on our hands and knees with our head low and bottom high.

yes my husband has given me enemas. this will only occur when i am on my menstrual period andh he wants to have anal sex. i told him years ago that i would let him do it to me only if he would give me a enema to clean me out.after this is done and he uses plenty of k-y jelly i can tolerate anal sex.

I love warm blanket enemas like mom use two give me.

Haley, I'm sure there are many here who would love to fill you up.

I love to recieve them...get really full..I give but i am selfish i like to

She prefers plain water, I like a soap-suds enema.

I give enemas to women frequently. I enjoy giving all three types:<br />
Cleansing,<br />
Pleasure,<br />
and Punishment. <br />
What I do depends on the particular interest or need of the woman, and we discuss beforehand.

I love for men to give me enemas, or women or better yet both in a role playing aituation...anyone in atlanta here?

Hey, we have a vote on the poll! Another thing to consider is that the nature of this group is likely to attract women who enjoy enemas. Nothing wrong with that per se, but we may not get a representative sample. Comments?