I Just Hate Her Going

I get jealous as hell when she goes to the doctor.  The rule she has of no sex at least two days before her appointment doesn't help any at all either.  She says there is nothing to it but I can't stand it anyway.  She always goes from her office so she is usually dressed to the nines. Everything is perfect.  Makeup and hair nails.  Right now I'm getting upset about it and I know she will go again in about a month or so.
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I get upset when my wife used to go without me. She mentioned it to her GYN and he told her to bring me with her to her exam as it would be a learning experience for me to see how the exam is done and I could keep and eye on her health while we are playing house as he said. <br />
It was very educational and the doctor let me look at my wife's cervix and also he showed me how to perform a proper breast exam. <br />
He also showed me what to look for as far as sicknesses in the vaginal area.<br />
Another thing that happened when I started going is my wife did not put on her johnny she had her exam nude and she did not have anyone else in the room besides the Doctor and Me.

Don't over react. It's a medical exam not anything sexual. I've seen my wife examined by a doc. It's not a big deal.

I have to agree with the OP's origininal post. I personally think and feel that it is highly degrading and direspectful to one's spouse, and possibly even damaging to a relationship or marriage for a person to receive intimate care from an opposite sex care giver when 1.) it can avoided, or 2.) not done in the presence of the spouse. Way too many male ob/gyn's have crossed lines in the past, so why take the chance? There are just as many female doctors in the world for women to go to. And before any try's to play the "lesbo" card, a woman can simply try to find a female doctor who has a family and children of her own, so that way you are assured which way she rolls. Peace!

I went to a doctor man, wearing a short dress without panties, just Stockings.<br />
and when I put the finger in her ***** I was excited. It excites me that I felt, and rubbed his hands and my feet in stokkings. He removed his penis from his pants and penetrated me. I started to jam until the ********* pleasure on my Stockings. I told my husband that I want to return to the doctor and agreed.

I can understand the no sex part. Why wouldn't she want to spread her legs for the doctor with a fresh *****? I like my wife getting fingered by a strange man and often trim her up so he'll see and feel her ***** at it's best. You may not know this but the doc also hooks his finger inside her *** and feels around the complete circumference of her sphincter muscle, feeling for fissures & hemmorhoids. I tease my wife, asking if he gives it to both holes at the same time. Some women get so excited at the prospect of being ******** and mounted on a table, exposed wide open in the stirrups that they actually have an ****** as they're being examined. Let your wife have her fun if that's what's going on, hell, the doc does it to dozens of women a day all week. I'd love to have photos of my wifes ex<x>pressions as she **** if that's what's happening to her.

I'm sure she enjoys it.

I don't worry about it. I'd rather she see a female doctor, but it's her business. I happen to see a female doctor myself. I didn't choose her, my clinic just assigned me to her.

hey guy heres what you do.... go with her! if its nothing and its all medical and all she should have no problem with you going? i have gone many times and have asked questions of the dr while the exam is going on so i know what to check for or be watchful of (ie lumps in breasts and how to check correctly, vaginal infections which are many etc,) also women usually get all dressed up shower and douche (which is bad) dr needs to see and know just whats in there if you wash away the oders or diff smells they dont know you have a problem..... so guy go and learn and watch the dr do his job then you can have more reasons to play with your girl and she can enjoy it without guilt while its done! anyway my opinion tp