Attending Wife’s Gyn Exam By Male Doctor

Over the last 40 years that I have been married to my wife I have attended many of her GYN exams. In the beginning of our marriage my wife had problems having children, so she went to a GYN doctor to find the problem after many tests we finally had our first child. We became friends with my wife’s GYN, after a lot of pleating and begging my wife finally consented to let me attend her yearly GYN exam.

We arrived at the Doctor’s office a little before her appointment she filled out the normal forms and then the Doctor’s assistant came out and called her name. My wife’s face turned red as we entered the exam room. The assistant took my wife’s blood pressure, then told her to undress and left the room.

As my wife was undressing I looked around for a gown that she would put on knowing what I was looking for my wife told me that she did not wear a gown for the exam as when she was going through all the testing for our first child she became used to being nude in front of the GYN that she just has forgone the gown ever since. I told her that was great that she has such a good relationship with her GYN that she is comfortable enough to be nude in front of him. My wife was relieved that I felt this way.

She sat on the exam table nude swinging her feet conversing while waiting for the doctor to come in, there was a knock on the door and the doctor entered. He knew me from the hospital as I was working on a construction job around the building and it was very exciting to me to see my nude wife talking with her doctor.

He weighed her and then checked her eyes, nose and ears. Next was the breast exam. He started with her sitting on the exam table and checked her breasts as he was doing this he was telling me what he was doing. He also showed me how to do a proper exam on my wife’s breast and had me examine my wife’s breast to make sure I knew how to do it properly. The doctor had her put her arm on the top of her head to check under her arms for both breast and then he had her lay on her back to check her breast again.

Seeing that my wife’s appointment was the last of the day and my wife did not want a chaperone for the internal the doctor’s assistant came in to tell him that she was leaving and locking the door in back of her. Her timing was almost perfect as my wife was sliding down to put her feet in the stirrups and the doctor was helping her feet into the stirrups. She knocked and came in the door getting a perfect view of my wife’s spread labia.

The doctor called me around to the business side of the exam table after asking my wife if it was OK for him to show me how he performs the internal and the speculum exam.
I was amazed how open my wife was I have never really seen the interior of her vagina and was very interested in learning more about her internal workings. The doctor showed me how to do the manual internal, how to insert the speculum, and he showed me how a PAP smear was done with a warning that a doctor is the only one to do a smear on my wife as not to injure her. When he was done with the plastic speculum he gave it to me  and he told me how to keep it clean.

He helped my wife out of the stirrups and told her that he would want to talk to her before we left. To my surprise my wife walked from the exam room to his office nude and sat down to listen to what he found. She was in good shape and then we just chatted for another 15 or 20 minutes. He also came back into the exam room and continued the conversation as my wife got dressed. It was very exciting to see her dressing in front of another guy even though he was her doctor.

On the way home we discussed her unusual practice of being nude for the doctor and I told her that if she felt better being nude than with a gown on it was OK with me as long as I can go with her to all her exams. Over the years I became obsessed with my wife’s GYN exams and finally got her to have play exams from play doctors, but that is another story.
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Great article! I tried to find stirrups for our portable massage table, but never could. We ended up creating these, and they work great! economy exam stirrups


my wife Sonali goes to a doctor who is my school time good friend. She is going to have bi-annual general check up.

Great story

Tony62 please share one of those play doctor exam, as i find this topic very interesting

I will write a story about one of her play exams when I get a chance in the next month or so, Glad you liked the account of her exams, unfortunately her GYN retired and now she goes to her GP for the exam and she is a women, that really does not like me in the room with my wife.