Wife Examined By Male Gyn Is Ok With Me

My wife has been examined uncountable number of times by her male gynecologist. Although i did not attended the visits with her but there is little to imagination as she told all about the breast exam and inrestion in het ***** while her legs are stretched at the table.
Did excite me though
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I had had always gone with her to the Gyn. someone told me not to because there was no fun by watching someone else between your wife´s legs. Haaa, cant agree. It turned me on so much one time I asked him for something I had felt on my wife´s breast and he asked me to como closer and we took turns to squezee that breast a couple of times. I even asked him if I was supposed to feel the same in the other breast, and we move to the other and started squezeeng by turns. My wife knew what I was doing and she only smiled. Then when he was sliding his fingers inside her as a regular procedure, I came closer and asked him if everything was fine, to what her turned to me and told me, ´´ everything feel ok to me´´ while he had his fingers inside her. Big turn on. I always go with her.