Yes I Do.

I enjoy enemas. Usually just by myself but a few times in the past I have come across men who enjoy giving enemas. There was one guy who loved to jack off while giving me an enema and watching me expel it.

One night I decided to give him a special show to watch. I kept my panties on and knelt in the tub. He pulled my panties down just far enough to insert the nozzle in my butt. I watched him play with himself while I was taking the soapy water inside me. He was very aroused that night.

When I was filled up and starting to have cramps, I told him I was ready to show him something totally gross. He had to stop playing with himself so he would not shoot his *** to soon. I stood up in the tub, pulled up my panties and let everything go while I rubbed myself through my panties.

His mouth dropped open and his eyes got wide as I filled my panties with the huge wet mess. He no sooner grabbed his **** that he was squirting *** everywhere. It was fun to watch him do that.

He then left the bathroom and I turned on the shower and cleaned myself up. When I finally came out of the bathroom, he was gone. I never heard from him again.
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7 Responses Dec 5, 2012

You are a wild and fun woman! I would love to help you with an enema and jerk as simple did. I would definitely come back for more of that fun

He was a wuss. There is no way I would bail after finding a cool girl that is ok with being real and enjoying herself.

Jenny that was a dumb dude...real dumb dude.good riddance! I so wish I had a wonderful girl that would like to share that with myself

I'd like to be on his place but to stay afterwards ;-)

I would love to see that...I would even help you clean up. To bad you don't live near me.

I wouldve cleaned you up myself,Id love to watch you poop your pants fully dressed while out somwhere! I also wish we could become freinds being we live so close to each other. If nothing else,tell us about more of your poopy pants stories!

I would never leave! Haha wish it was more poop than water though. Sounds hot and erotic. Raunchy