She Does It All The Time

We had a week, before the town was to have a parade, and like my mother, she has to wait till it starts to snow.  To decide, for me to put the decoration up on light poles.  I am extremely, terrified of heights and have been since 911.  I was planning to go a few days before that happened, but my plans were post-poned.  Back to the mayor, she is in a panic, I have but three light poles to decorateeore the parade starts, and the snow is coming down, the streets are starting to get slick, the Govern has cancelled his trip here, The people of the House and Senate, are stuck on turnpike.  The fireman are all tired from a house fire, from the night before. and every one is starting to cancell, out.  I have finished the light poles, with 45 minutes, before show time, but the parade must go on and it did, and even old St. Nick appeared, briefly, and you would have found him in the fire truck, because I hear, he hates the snow, just kidding!!!!!!!!!!   But I hear, it has snowed up to 70 plus inches where he lives right , now!

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 24, 2010