Too Shy To Talk At First

I never seem to be able to talk someone first when I'm getting to know that person, I'm too shy. I always wait till that person starts the conversation. Most of the time I can go on from there.

I'm trying to work on it but there's no progress. When I think of things I could talk about with others I'm having a blank mind.

The second reason is that I'm scared how a person might react to it. I had rejection experiences from other people in the past. I hate this fear, I like meeting new people and having deep conversations and thanks to that I'm missing so much of them. Fortunately when I know someone a bit longer then it's getting easier, though the problem still remains.
sat321 sat321
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 10, 2010

omg i am exactly the same. i know how you feel it really sucks, but there is always ways to change it