Introverted But Not All The Time

I never bother to talk to anyone let alone be the guy who try to start a conversation.

I was bullied and labeled a second banana most of the time, once in a while when i try to add my opinion, they would either force me to shut up or disagree with me entirely.

I am branded an introvert but that doesn't stop me from trying at least to talk to other people.
I keep trying to be open but it is often the other door who would want to shut it across my face.

Most of my hobbies are solitary but i play sports, get along at college but never outside of it.
I was not invited by so called "friends" for outings.
My conversations are not sports, celebrities, or even the fads that come and go.

I may feel insecure when i meet new people but once you i can get my friendship going. I want to maintain it.
I mean why can't other people approach to ones that don't have circles instead of being safe with their own.
I just wanted people to notice me for who i am, not for something i am never proud of.
(Ones who lies and gossip, even backstabbing at me.)
MHInnocent MHInnocent
26-30, M
Sep 22, 2010