Call it a false pride or call it low self esteem or confidence.

Approaching & talking to someone is something I have never been good at. The situation is still not as bad when it comes to approaching someone of the same sex but when it comes to the opposite sex, I would rather give it a pass coz am very bad at it. Probably I just don't click when I start conversations.

It has not impacted me much though and even it has then am not sure of it.

But someday I would like to change it not coz I want to be good with the opposite sex or want to flirt with them but coz they also playing a big part in professional relationships, I believe it would also help me professionally.
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U have a sense of humor that's a good start I'm also writing from a phone too, so do u clam up or like what happens when u do "approach" the opposite sex

frankly speaking no guy like me would like what happens when approaching the opposite sex.. At least not at that point coz you so much want to speak to them.. but eventually when it fails ( and yes you don't expect to fail but you do) and you look back at it later to analyze what went wrong, you wonder how can one act like an idiot like the way I did.. it's funny yes but I don't think anyone likes to discuss with their guy friends as to how idiotically I behaved or acted...

Two people here finding things funny and humorous where I can see none at the moment.. It's just a bad situation to be in.. But yea people always laugh when they see you fall so maybe I just need to learn to laugh and enjoy the moment..

If it makes u feel any better u confess I don't talk to a lot of people because I think they r out of my "league" and feel more comport able going for the underdog where I can be myself and not so nervous

Just relax and be yourself. I understand that you are only trying to help and I appreciate that.

I confess sorry misprint

appreciate your offer to help. I did not think you were laughing. Just that I was trying to understand where exactly I sounded funny :). It happens to me often. I say something which I really mean it and it's a genuine problem but people think it's kinda funny. But with time I have learnt to see the funny side of it myself. Just relax and be yourself when talking with me here. I don't get offended very easily :)

Nah I don't get upset on such things. so far I haven't had any bad experiences on EP & I understand that people here are only trying to help coz they can relate to your posts.

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hate my grammar in this post. Plus typing from the phone and erasing things doesn't help.