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Shy Till You Get to Know Me

And then, when I'm comfortable you might want to run and hide at the sight of me.  I'll talk your leg off and maybe, if I'm tired or aware, I might just listen to what you have to say.  Isn't it funny?  Give me an inch and I'll take all you have but until you at least smile my way, I'm like a clam at low tide.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 12 Responses Jun 3, 2009

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People miss a lot of nice people throughout their lives based on misinterpretations of who we are. Even a diamond is much better when polished up.

I'm the exact same way the only problem is people don't bother getting to know me. They see me as weird because I'm quiet, sheesh the only time someone has actually stopped to talk to me was to make fun of my quietness. Which is why I've become content with not having any friends, well at least until I graduate.

If you can't laugh at yourself you will constantly be confronted by others laughing at you. So, get used to it and beat them to the punch. No one can fault you if you make fun of yourself. Making fun of others gets their dander up!

Yeah, I know where they are, just can't remember how to spell them. I don't want to sit and contemplate them, that's for sure. Stinky job! lol


The only point is the top of my head. Have a hard time keeping a hat on it. The wind makes the hat spin round and round. Oh well, I give up on hats anyway. I think I'll just shave my head and then all I have to do in the morning is brush my teeth.

Besides, sitting on a mountain peak hurts my hemoroids. Forget how to spell that but you get the point! lol

Josie, you make me sound like an old man sitting on a mountain top dispensing wisdom. I'm just like you. I put my pants on one leg at a time, wipe my *** when I'm finished, hopefully. At it's basics, we are all lost souls, wandering in the night trying to guide our lives by the starlight when we need a flashlight!

No, you're great. Never change and please keep sharing your stories with us. You are one of EP's Treasures!

Heathery, thanks for the comment. I'll check you out. Josie, my friend, I'm frequently silly and sometimes hide it. I love to laugh and when all else fails, I look in the mirror and am surprised by what I see there. I tried wearing a hat the other day to keep my balding head from getting a sun burn at the beach but caught sight of me in the rest room and threw away the hat. It made me look like a shriveled up old geezer. I'm just old, not odd.

Sometimes I'm the same. But if I see an open friendly face and a smile, I'll usually say 'Hi' and break the ice to see where it takes us.<br />
<br />
You and your thoughts are quite wonderful and sometimes silly Dorobo but always welcome.

:) I'm smiling your way :)