Waiting The First Time

It seems that I spend a lot of my time waiting for you.
I remember when we first hit it off you were such a wonderful man. You were so sexy with your six pack and tall with those amazing eyes. They twinkle when you look at me. I was so sexually attracted to you. We had met a few times before and because I had a boyfriend at the time I did not take any notice of you. Then that was over.
I was late for work one day, I came skidding around the corner of the Bar and my boss was there banging on her wristwatch telling me I was late. I was hungover to the max, had not even ironed my clothes and there you were with a buddy sitting at the bar having a drink. You guys paid out on me big time and stayed for my whole shift. I had a couple of dashes to the toilets to be sick and you guys just laughed. I was extremely thin and fit, tanned, brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes. I never thought I was beautiful until I met you. You made me feel beautiful and to you I was a gift, you never thought a girl like me would be interested in you. How wrong you were.
When I finished my shift you guys asked if I would stick around and have a few drinks. Having nothing on my schedule for the day I decided to stay. It was the old cliché, teach me to play pool. You guys were playing and I had never played before, you had your arm over mine and rubbing your body against mine. I was so sexually charged and the electricity between us was palpable in the air. It was late afternoon and my girlfriend came in and joined us, my Ex also came in and sat across the bar from us. Everyone was going out and my girlfriend said I should definitely go out too. Home for a shower I went and off to the club to meet up a bit later.
I had on a sexy little outfit, when I danced my skirt twirled. We dirty danced all night long, then knowing I had too much to drink I left in a cab. Not knowing when I would see you again.
Then I went to a party at your brothers house and you were not there. I asked your brother if you were going to go and he did not know. I asked for your number and called to see where you were. You could not come, had no car and could not borrow one, you said you would try and I gave you half an hour to get there or I was ringing back.
Half an hour went by and no you, I got your number again and called you back. You could not get a lift into town and lived 20 mins away. I told you to get ready and I was coming to get you. Up the highway I went to pick you up in my little lazer, blew the exhaust on the way but I did not care. There you were standing on the side of the road, my heart skipped a beat when I saw you and I was so happy.
We got to the party and could not keep our hands off each other. We even locked ourselves in the house and did everything but have sex. I could feel your rock hard **** through you pants and wanted you more than anything. Back then though I was not a forward girl, good girls were not allowed to love ****. Good girls did not put out on first dates. The party was a huge success, we partied for 3 days straight and the cops were called several times by the neighbours to try to get us to be quiet. We enjoyed each others company and slept in each others arms. We did not have sex the whole time, because I was a good girl.
It was not long after that that you told me you had to move with your father to help him on his farm. You were going to be 2000 klms away. I did not think I was going to see you again. I thought that would be the end and you would not want to be faithful to me. I used to run for the phone when you called, just hearing your voice and I was on cloud nine. Christmas went by, then New Years. There were party’s and you called as often as you could. Perhaps you were a little worried that I would not wait, but I had a feeling you were the one.
Valentines Day came and I was a little depressed, then the most beautiful arrangement of white roses turned up at my work. White roses for everlasting love. I had no idea when you were going to return. You did not tell me.
Then in the door you walked, I wanted to run across and throw myself into your arms but I was in the middle of a busy shift, I could not concentrate and was so excited. The look in your eyes, that knowing twinkle which I love so much. When I finished work I did throw myself into your arms, it was amazing and I had missed you so much. I could not wait to wrap myself in you.
That was the end of my first wait…………..there are more, many more.
HowMuchCanaKoalaBear HowMuchCanaKoalaBear
41-45, F
May 12, 2012