Ninja Turtles

Yes as bad as I hate to admit it, I waited in line for almost an hour so my son could get his picture made with a Ninja Turtle. And when we finally did get up to see him, my son precedes to step in front of the turtle so you can't even see him lol. Needless to say my son was thrilled and he did get his picture so I guess it wasn't that bad after all.
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That sounds just about how it goes. Lol..the important thing to remember is that he was happy and will remember this for a long time. And look, now u have a great story to tell. See, it was worth the wait. :)

We always managed to have a good time together......and now I can spoil his kids rotten so it's even more fun.

Spoil \'em rotten and send \'em home ! Ha ha ha, he, he, he !

Children are wonderful.

they are if you can survive the teenage years lol. Then if you are lucky they become wonderful adults. Which I'm proud to say mine has :-)

You are a blessed woman to have had them AND survived their teenaged years.

I admire you for doing what YOU wanted and not worrying about who would frown about it. Some folks frown at EVERYTHING anyway.....You did the best thing by going with your heart and creativity!!<br />
I really admire folks who are brave enough to raise another person......It's the BIGGEST and most important jobs anyone can take on!! It's NOT easy either but some folks make it look easy..... I think some people are just naturally good at it too. I think you're one of those folks!!

oh I made my share of mistakes as a mom, but I think we raised a pretty great kid. And I see how he is with his own 2 boys and it makes me think I may have done a bit right lol

Awww, I love to hear about stuff like this. There are awesome parents with kids who love them. Sometimes we just get overwhelmed with stories of the opposite kind. THIS ROCKS!!

we always did lots of stuff most parents would have frowned on but it made for memories that we both carry and made us a lot closer.... he's my baby and always will be lol

Awwww, I think that story just goes to show what an AWESOME mom you are!!

thanks sweetie.....made for memories you don't ever forget. And I now have a wonderful grown man (25) who comes by almost everyday to see us and who will always tell his Mama and Dad he loves us regardless who's around :-)