Concert Tee Shirts!

It was June fourth, U2's 360° tour at Qwest Field. Lenny Kravitz was opening for them, and I had less than zero interest in listening to or watching Mr. Kravitz, so my mom and I stood in line for concert Tee Shirts. Most people were already drunk at this point, they were walking past everyone in line; and laughing about everyone in line. What I found humorous was the people who giggled about everyone waiting for shirts, then cut in line.
It was a great concert. When everyone was filing out of the stadium, there was essentially another line going down the ramps. Once we got to the parking garage, there was a huge line to get out. My mom and I played scrabble on her iPhone while we waited to get out.
Three lines, one story.
TheBabeWithThePower TheBabeWithThePower
13-15, F
Sep 27, 2011