Time Wasted Is Life Wasted

There are in our lifetime, many reasons to let someone go, and for various reasons.There is a saying,If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were!
I loved this person more than they loved me but realized I couldn't have them and even after that I couldn't let them go?I pretended though,by pushing them away.I believed all the while, our love was true and it would wait as much as I did.I waited for its return.I wasted the prime time of life waiting for this person.Time flies..One day I was dumbfounded by the dawn of reality,I realized its been years and all I did is just wait.Waited for a love which I let go hoping it to come back because I FELT,it was deep and true enough and will return to me one day.My fantasies distracted me from reality and belief in true love blinded me.After years of waiting,one day I was told,this person had dumped me for someone better,in no time,soon after they left me.I felt buried alive.This person was already dating someone when we first met and I was just a BACKUP. And I like a fool gave my all my heart soul and time and believed in all their make-believes,that I was one and only.. I can't believe that I could be so stupid and so naive.. My life is completely devastated by my own folly. I am still trying to get together the broken pieces of me.Time wasted is life wasted which I can never regain and I deeply regret.
Be careful who you give your heart to. Because when you give your heart to someone, you also give the person the power to destroy you.
coldontheinside coldontheinside
1 Response Apr 30, 2012

Was he married? Why didn't he commit...you need to put yourself first and not rely on a man to fulfill your life.