Wake At Four

I always wake at 4, it does not matter what time I go to bed. I sometimes get up and have a cup of tea and sit up for half an hour and go back to bed and sleep but then I find it hard to get up later.or I get up about 7am and stay up.
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5 Responses Dec 5, 2012

You would be amazed at how common this actually is. A few people I know use this as their time to meditate. Sad to say I don't use this time so productively. I tend to watch t.v. until I am ready to sleep again. I'm retired now so mornings are not usually a problem.

I don't wake up every night but at least once or twice a week I wake up between three and four. Sometimes I fall back asleep, but often I just lay awake, thinking...

You are lucky in many ways,I am an insomniac,hence I get very little sleep and can go several nights on the trot without any sleep at all.Thanks for sharing....:-)

Wait, why is this a strange habit? I'm up between 3:30 and 4 every morning and have been for years.
I have lived my whole life in a house full of women. First it was a mother and two sisters. later a wife and two daughters. My girls had to be on the school bus at 6:30 every morning. If I wanted some time in the bathroom I had to get at it early.
Now that I'm retired it is just a very old habit. But I wouldn't call it strange.

I suggest typing what is on your mind on your phone than storing it or deleting it so it doesn't play on your mind. Yoga, Tai Chi and/or meditation may help you to relax but you may want to consult your doctor given I'm not aware of your health and build/mobility.