Woken Up To Sex

Last year my girlfriend stayed over at my place a lot, she was my age 30 slim and not to bad looking, she loved kissing girls but that was it, she said she loved ****, sucking it ******* it ect she once had a ********* but didnt like it she preferred only one, which was cool with me.

one night we just had sex and collapsed the tv was on and I fell asleep soon after it, I was exhausted. I was having a dream about a woman rubbing herslf aginst me and I was quite turned on and when this happens to me I always wake up at the pivotal time which always sucks.

when i woke up I was on my back and in a daze trying to register whats going on and i look down and there she is with my **** in her mouth jacking me off and furiously rubbing her wet *****, i could hear her lips sucking my **** and her wet ***** being rubbed. I pretended to be asleep she stopped sucking my **** and continued stroking me and layed on her back with her legs apart with her knees up a little bit. the noises she was making was incredible and out of all my life my **** had never ever been this hard, this was what as a man we look for and ill tell you it was amazing.

i could hear her getting close and saying dirty things like **** me harder, i could only imagine the dirty thoughts going through that head of hers. so I woke up opened my eyes and saw her looking straight at me as she was furiously fingering herself and stroking my rock hard ****. I then got up and on top of her and slammed my **** inside of her i couldnt believe how wet and how warm she felt it was so big i felt like i was tearing her apart as I pounded her all the way to my balls and she groaned as it went in each time, she kept saying "**** yes,**** Yes" and started playing with herself as i was slamming it into her.

she came hard! shaking and telling me to stop but just as she did I released my *** into her and for the first time I felt it all the way from my balls to the end of my **** it was so hard, I dont know how much I had in me but she said she felt it hit inside her. after i pulled it out it went limp and *** dripped out of her she even squirted on my bed. she told me that I really stretched her out and we couldnt have sex for a few days lol

I asked her what happened after I fell asleep and she said she just got horny all of a sudden and said to help get herself off she loved sucking **** so she had one in her bed and decided to use it. she said she wasnt going to ask she shouldnt have to and i totally agreed.

simplelife1234 simplelife1234
31-35, M
Jan 14, 2013