Anything I Want....

Ever since I became an adult living on my own where I could do what I like, I've often walked around the house wearing as little as possible. Walk from bathroom to bedroom after shower naked to get dressed in my room, wear camisole and panties or tshirt and panties around house to do housework. I have to be a little more careful now that my kids are older but we have understanding that we can walk around in underwear or whatever as long as our privates are covered. If it starts bothering one of the kids so they say something, we'll have to change policy but until then I feel it's my house so I deserve to be comfortable.
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Of course you deserve to be comfortable. If it is offending no one then it is very liberating.

Love ur stories please add

Nothing wrong with that at all!!! When you are alone, anything goes. When kids are present, just cover discreetly. Sometimes it's good to let the body "breathe" a little.

As long as you're comfortable it's fine. Walking naked in your house in front of the kids it's fine also as long as it's safe....!!!! I hope we have the chance to chat sometime ;)

What we wear in the privacy of our homes is no one else's business

are you dry at night or no

Out of curiousity, what's really wrong if the privates are not covered? It's a natural part of the body.

It's just a matter of retaining self respect and a sense of privacy in a mixed gender home.

I guess that we all have our own levels of comfort and privacy. At our home, we dress or don't as we feel to. We are all different!