My Wife Turned Me Into A Sissy

Ever since my wife turned me into her sissy cuckold I have only worn my undearwear around the house. I have  many sets of matching panties, bra and sussies which I wear. I also wear stockings with them most of the time, at night I go to bed in my baby doll outfits. I love my new life and never wish to go back to wearing male underwear. My only regret is that I never started earlier and I wish that I was more convincing.
My wifes new boyfriend comes over from the U.K every month and he normally brings me new undies to wear, whilst he is having his fun with my wife I am dressed in any new items he has brought for me and am kept on alert to serve them in any way they wish. What a wonderful life I have.
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

you're a cuk now sweety

You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful wife that has allowed you to experience your true destiny! It is wonderful to see that you are accepting and embracing your femininity!

nice to hear the hubby's account. It is assuring to the wife and her lover to see the Hubby happy in his new role. It is win win win relationship. Each one has his/her role.<br />
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Thanks for sharing