Sister In Laws Lingerie

Several years ago my wife moved to Georgia and we moved in with her brother and his wife until we got jobs and found our own place. When I was alone in the house I would go into their room and wear Nikki's panties and lingerie around the house. I also found a box that a sheer blue baby doll nightie with matching panties up in the attic. Also in that box was two bathing suits, one was a one piece that was navy blue and the other was a two piece black bottoms with pink piping around the waist and legs and the top was black with pink strings. I would wear the bathing suits for short while in the back yard as it was very private with woods blocking the view from behind a shed blocked one side. Their was nothing but open space on the other side as the house was at the end of a cul d sac. When we moved out I took that box but I don't have any of that stuff anymore as it got wore out from so much wear and ******* in them so much.
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May 19, 2012