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Nothing But Undies

there is a great store by my house that sells lace panties with a matching tank that is lace on top for $8. In the summer if i'm home then this is all i have on. started walking around in the nude or just undies when i got my first apartment. it was liberating. i learned to love my curves.
misery22 misery22 36-40, F 9 Responses May 24, 2012

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I love that fling, almost a guilty pleasure isn't it:). I let everything kind of air out in the summer when it gets so warm and revel in the freedom of it all.

If i am not totally nude i have on a bra and panties or a skirt with no panties .I feel so normal this way wish my wife understood my desire to wear sexy things around the house or just be nude

I love being nude around the house as much as possible. It feels so much more comfortable not having my **** and balls restrained. It's also easier to get to them while sitting at the computer.

Your home is your castle. You should be comfortable in your queendom.

I do the same I am 99% of the time nude at home. <br />
My wife freaking cause some one might see me...<br />
If someone wants to see my 44 yr old **** swinging around let them look LOL

In the summer I am the same, just in my panties, but come winter I am looking for all the covering I can get

I have enjoyed reading your posts. Please add me so I may see when you post more. Thank you!

when I get home from work it all comes off! (unless I'm in the kitchen cooking) LOL! just waaay more comfortable an relaxing

yes it is so relaxing esp downsouth when it is 100 degrees at 8 am.

oooooooooooooo yeah you have to watch the gease splatters hee hee.

Haa! yep fried chicken is a real pain! dont want to be forced to rub burn ointment on it all day, ha!

Mom gets our stuff from Tom & Jerry I.C. Collection. like grandmas underpants. Lace would be cool.