Choo Choo

I have always loved walking around my home in my knickers.
As I don't wish to get charged with indecency I ensure that the curtains at the front window are closed.
Anyway I noticed that in the morning before work I often heard trains beeping their horns.
It took months for it to dawn on me that the trains going past could see me through my patio window!!!!
I don't think that the drivers were too unhappy about it lol
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Great fun for the drivers, and you! No reason to worry about those out front as they would enjoy seeing you wander around your home in your knickers - and less!! ;)

I had once the opportunity to be part of something like that.I went to this people house to do some work on their roofs.I got ther ,knocked on their door to let them know I was there ,and was greeted by this atractive woman wrapped in a towel ,still wet and dripping water from her hair..I went on about my bussiness and about 30 min later I went went back down to get some tools and on my way back from the truck -there was a big window facing the front -,I saw her completely naked in front of her tv.She turn around and just smile at me.That was a day i will remember forever.

did it make you happy once you realized you were being admired and flirted with by the beeping horns

It made me laugh

you must be a very awesum lady and very sensual,,,,and enjoy llife ,and very confident,,,

Lol all women go through phases of feeling great at times and feeling shite at other times.
I love my body and sexuality, yes I'm confident but being in my 30,s helps

I am in my 30's also and have that sensual fire burning ,just being single and alone don't help much

There are lots of women in America.
You need to get out there and meet people.
They do say no man is an island

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Once you get used to being totally nude, you will always be so at home!

The train service from Los Angeles to San Francisco isn't very popular because airplanes provide much better service. But I had to take it once, for the experience. These days, most of the people who used that train are old folks. The route passes through a part of the central coast that is not well served by roads, but does have a notorious nude beach. As we passed the nude beach, someone announced its presence, and all the old folks ran to the window to get an eyeful.

When I was a little boy, I dreamed about becoming a steam-engine driver on a train. Over the decades, the dream has faded, but you gave a new meaning to it. I'm going to sleep now, and at dawn I shall blow my horn, as my train (of thoughts) passes the window with the naked lady.

well you would have sparked their shift up ah ah ah

I'm naked most of the time at home, it's hot where I live so when I get home from work my clothes go in the wash.<br />
<br />
Unless I have to go somewhere sometimes I'm naked all weekend.

Your lucky with it being hot. Sunny days in the uk are limited to say the least lol

I was in London a few years ago, it was cold and wet most of the time, not good weather for clothes free time.