Doesn't Everybody?

I'm usually in either just a boy's shirt or my bra and panties too maybe if my roomies are there.
PamCakes4u PamCakes4u
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9 Responses Jul 20, 2012

women in boy short panties are the sexiest

Do you ever walk around in a thong?


Comfortable and ready, why not.

Sounds really comfortable.

When my ex. GF used to wear my clothes, it drove me crazy, girls are very cute in men's clothes, a T shirt too large.. yummy!

I remember those days when I could just be in my tee shirt. After a long day at work it felt so good to come home start stripping at the door end up in my shower and coming out to put on nothing but my tee shirt and yes sometimes just my panties.

Me to! :-)

when we were young most of the time we were home my wife had just my shirt on or a tee shirt and training pants in the house us less our mother was home or our grandparents there