Just Starting Out... Again....

 I walk at home  with Leslie. I have several videos  but my favorite is the 5 mile walk.... i am very motivated to keep at it this time... i tipped the scales last week at 230 lbs. i am only 5' 5" so am pretty much a tub o'lard..on the up side I am at 226 lbs today.  I have been watching what i eat.. drinking green tea instead of junky drinks and walking with Leslie. i must drop this weight and get back to my life. I used to have such fun. I am embarrassed for any of my old friends to see me. I run from cameras and shy away  from the mirror. In my mind  I am like i was but in reality I know I am not. I got  a new job and they did not have any tops in my size. 2x pants were a little tight and too long.  I hate the way I look and it is time to do something about it. WHO'S WITH ME?

imneva imneva
41-45, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2009

I see you wrote this some time ago, however, I hope this comment finds you with the same motivation. I am needing to do some changing too! So i am with you, if you are! And if you are not then maybe this will light that fire again.<br />
<br />
Come on now, let's get moving!!!!!!!!