Yeah, I Actually Do.


I walk in, and I see that I don’t need fingers, so I cut them off and genetically engineer my ***** so that my offspring have no fingers. From there on my lineage will have no fingers, I have evolved, I clap with fingerless palms.

smebro smebro
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2007

Genetically engineer my what? WHAT?<br />
*****<br />
5 letters... like LOOK AT THAT FASHIONABLE WOMANsperm<br />
Her haircut, her cool perm.

unfortunately reminds me of a show called trauma i believe, about rescuers, an episode about where they were called to help stop the bleeding of a guy who'd cut off his hand. he no longer wanted it--only for the bleeding to stop. he warned them that he'd cut off the other if they did not shut up about emergency surgery for re-attaching the hand.

Leading one to wonder, "What is the sound of one Smebro not clapping?"

Your typing is remarkably good for someone with no fingers. Also, your clapping is very quiet now. Like clapping with a silencer!