I Have Learned A Lot

I have come a long way from my former self, and I plan to keep on going farther. I have even changed the way I view life, and I am sure that will change and evolve more as I experience and see more that life has to offer. I believe life is about finding happiness and experiencing all that I can..

Finding happiness isn't always an easy thing to do since most people don't even understand how to accomplish it. Having a lot of money, and buying everything you ever wanted doesn't bring real ever lasting happiness, and ever lasting happiness is only a Hollywood fairy tale. There are going to be times that we all fall back into darkness as we can't control life. Sometimes the dark is a good thing because there is a lot to learn from failure, and pain.

I am good, and skilled at many things. I am strong, smart, fast, and the world really is at my feet, I just have to go out there and conquer it. I have a big ego, and sometimes my ego can run wild. I feel into a strong depression and even though it hurt in ways I never want to experience again I ended up realizing that I am no better than anyone else. I am human and I bleed red just the same as everyone. Sometimes life needs to kick my butt and bring me back down to reality. I am sure I will drift off again like I did before, but there will be someone or something to kick my butt back into reality, a lesson lived is a lesson learned.

The real thing that brings happiness is other people. We all have the same basic needs to be happy and healthy. Having food, water, stability, shelter, safety, etc... all are part of what makes us happy and healthy. One of the other basic needs is having attention and other people. It is a proven fact that people who spend life alone and isolated have poor mental health, and they don't often live as long as other people. If someone has depression if could be due to the fact that they might be missing on of the basic needs, but most people just don't know this stuff, so they don't know how to fix it.

Other times people push others away because they are just scared to get hurt again, but doesn't it hurt already to be alone? Really what is there to lose? People come and go all of the time, and it hurts when you lose someone, but nothing can take away from the good memories you made with them, and there is a world full of different and interesting people to experience, so even if you lose someone it isn't the end of the world. When someone moves out of your life for whatever reason that is the time people want to close their hearts, but that is the time to really open it.

People are like food, we need food to survive. You could have a plate full of food, and be doing great, but then all of the sudden one of the food items on your plate gets taken away. Well okay that is no big deal because you still have more food left. The more items that get taken away the harder it will be to deal with, and the more it will hurt. The same goes with people, if you lose someone that really sucks and it hurts, but it would hurt a lot more if that was the only person you had in this world.

Losing people hurts so much, because that is just how much we need each other, that doesn't mean to rely on someone so much that you need them to live. Learning how to be, and live alone is something we all need to do. Learning how to be independent is a good thing. Getting attached is a good thing, but getting obsessive is a bad thing. We need other people, but we need to learn to be independent too.

Love is a complicated thing, and people have many different opinions about what love is, and what it isn't. Some people can't even tell the difference between being in love, and loving someone. The difference is that the being in love feeling goes away after a few years, and reality comes back. Hollywood has a version of love that isn't real, and I suspect that really screws a lot of people up.

When you are around your friends, living, laughing, and having a good time I believe that is what love is. When you don't want to see someone hurting, or suffering that is also love. Love is an action something you do, and you are free to love as many people as you want it isn't a bad thing. Loving someone doesn't mean you have to be with them though. Sure there is a physical aspect to love that can enhance things, but when you feel like you have to be with someone that is getting on the grounds of obsession, and that is a really unhealthy thing.

Love is a simple thing, getting attached to people is a good thing, and there is a whole world of people to experience. It is just like having a pet you consider part of the family. Eventually one day that pet may die, and you may cry, but there will be a point that you have a new pet if you opened your heart up for new things, and you will tell stories about your old pet to people as you remember him, Smiles and laughter will come back. Getting attached is a good thing even though it will bring pain down the line sometime. The good memories can never be replaced, and that is what life is really about.
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