It's Good To Be A "boss"

I have siblings older and younger than me and each of them has decided to follow the plans laid down by my parents, lucky me my parents never really planned anything for me; so I'm good. I feel in control, mainly because it's easy to know what not to do by looking at the mistakes of my parents, and my siblings of all ages. This is how I stay out of trouble. I keep doing my own thing without stepping on the cracks in the paths my brothers and sisters follow. Oh and since I am barely ever get into any trouble I'm always in charge and have to set an example for; my older sister, a girl who use to live with us, and my three younger siblings... I am the stereotypical older sister some times, but I am the boss and I choose to follow my path, because as far as I can see the others just aren't working. :)
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Mar 24, 2012