I Fail, I Accept, I Learn, I Correct, I Look Straight Forward

During my short life I did many bad things, and I also failed:
* I failed in sports
* I failed in love
* I failed myself
* I failed my friends
* I failed my family
* I failed in studies
* I failed on every step I made...

I was betrayed by my lover, I felt fear of loss, fear of losing, fear of being humiliated, fear of doing something wrong.
I was hit, kicked, stomped, physically and mentally overwhelmed, I felt inferior, I felt lonely and worthless, I felt pain and I sank into agony...

Everytime I fail, I stand up. I acknowledge my mistakes and I learn from them.
When I was betrayed, I got my revenge, when I felt fear of losing, I stood up and faced my fears, when I was hit, kicked stomped and physically mentally overwhelmed, inferior, I conditioned myself, worked my *** off until I succeeded at not being worthless. When I felt pain, I accepted it. This is what I do, this is ME, with every mistake, I GET stronger and this is MY way of living. There are no limits to my improvement, I'll keep improving until I meet my end. I rather live short life, full of mistakes, but positive outlook, than long, full of regret of not doing something.
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18-21, M
Jul 10, 2012