i don't understand why guys are so uptight about anyone seeing their junk in the locker room. i think everyone is curious about each other and taking a glance doesn't mean you're gay or perverted. we are there to clean the sweat off of our bodies. you can't really wash yourself properly if you are still almost completely clothed. for the guys who are shy because they are smaller; get over it and accept your body the way it is. you are more than just a penis and to every other guy...i don't even know what to say. stop crying about ppl walking around naked, it's a locker room! idk about you but i don't want to be at work all smelly and feeling gross. i like to be clean and fresh. stop making yourselves look like idiots trying to do acrobats in the locker room so that nobody will see your junk.
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Right! Guys should get over being Naked with other guys--& Chill.

part of the problem is our perception of our man parts; we used to call them the family "jewels"; now the younger insecure generation wants to call it "junk"! I dont care what anybody says, my **** are not "junk" and if anything more like "jewels"
So lets all start calling our bodies something respectful, what ever you call it.

I agree about the absurdity of some extreme motions men go through in trying to be modest in the locker room. The showers are wide open and anyone walking past or showering themselves has a full view of the entire landscape. So, why even bother? No one has any equipment that the rest of us haven't seen before.

Besides, the ones who are so busy trying to cover up are usually the same ones who preen in front of the mirrors "posing" while on the gym floor.

My only issue is when "it doesn't mean you're gay or perverted" when noticing other men nude. It's only natural for men to casually look at the nudity of others. As a gay man, I'm no different from anyone else. I am bothered when gay is associated as a perversion. And America needs to accept the fact that there are probably gay men inside every locker room in the country. We've all dressed and showered side by side as long as we've had locker rooms.

it's funny to me bec i did it with my underwear the first time in basic training. my reason was i am too shy about it.

why can't we all be natural?