Buck Naked

Both myself and my husband are avid nudist, so much the fact we left the city and moved way out into the country so we could quit wearing clothes all together.  We live in the middle of 45 acres of our own land, have a nice custom built home, a pool and huge sundeck with hot and cold running outdoor shower, a huge pond which is good for swimming also and part of the pond is a mud pit we can enjoy playing in.  I love waking up in the summer and going outside for a morning shower and then to walk around our property while letting the sun and air dry me while I enjoy sipping a cup of coffee.  The feeling of being buck naked out doors feels soooooooo good and over the years I have come to despise wearing clothes and since we both work from home we see no reason to bother.  We dress for no one who may come to fisit and there has never been any issues. 
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raising my glass here to you guys, and to a fine natural wide-open naked lifestyle... hope all is well and ur winter is nearly over... cheers, jake

There shouldn't be any "issues" It is your home and your life.

that sounds like a dream :)

It feels so GOOD !

I like being free of cloths.... You seem to be getting best of it...

That is pretty much how I feel up at my parent's cottage

You've made us all jealous. The closest thing I've experienced is the rare trip to a local state park. On the weekdays they have trails that are never used. I've jogged naked holding my shorts and shirt on a few occasions. To have that luxury every day is the best.

YUCK is right. We moved out of a urban community so we could live and do as we please.

Our kids love going naked. Kids should not be an issue with family. There are lots of nudist families everywhere and the numbers are growing.

My wife would go for this if we didn't have kids. <br />
<br />

Well Nudy...why bother buying, wearing and washing clothes if you don't need to.