It happened when I was about 12 I was outside doing chores and it was raining so instead of walking around in my wet clothes I decided to try going nude at home while outside or better known as streaking. So I took off my clothes set them aside and did chores in the buff I did all of them in the barn but then I had to decide of weather to get dressed and go to the other shed or stay in the buff and go over there since my parents didn’t know yet that I slept nude so it was kind of a gamble for me but I decided to go for it. So I ran across the yard in plain sight of whom ever would go by on the road or my family in the house, but I went for it as I was running to the other shed I got an erection which was great so when I got to the shed I decided to have some fun and then do chores. After the chores were done I then ran back got dressed and walked back to the house it was really exciting I have not done that anywhere but my place so if any of you would like to help me out in expanding my runs let me know.
Barnfun Barnfun
18-21, M
Oct 10, 2010