The Forest

I love to walk among the shade of the trees. Absolutely naked. Without even shoes in the way. I stash my clothes somewhere if I was wearing any to begin with, and walk free, wearing nothing carrying nothing, as natural as my environment.

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I've done this before at my old place in the country. not much to see unless you are one with nature. I love being nude in the woods. so relaxing without fear of someone calling the authorities.

I have been hiking naked for years in a state forest. Its public so Im careful. I carry a small backpack & stash my shorts behind it so I can reach back for them if I hear or see someone. A few times I was seen before I could reach for them, all by women who were approximately in their 30s. Once by a woman jogging; she looked shocked, I said hi & she turned & jogged away lol. Another time a woman walking her dog followed behind me for about a mile, only 50 meters back, watching me the entire time. Another time a woman walking ahead of a group of others caught me in the middle of a 4 way trail. She stopped, stared, looked surprised, I said hi then I turned & jogged off. I could hear her telling her friends/family about me and giggling, saying she was too shocked to speak :p

I was 45yo and having a sexual relationship with a 62yo woman who lived in a house that backed on to a forestry area. We both loved the outdoors and preferred to go nude when at home. We liked to rise early and go for a nude walk and go to a small stream for a dip and would always have sex there and my *** would get caught up in her pubic hair and seep down her legs. Our walk would be at least 2 hours and we did this most mornings.

I was walking through a public forrest and decided to stash my clothes off the trail and continue my stroll completly naked.After walking for quite a ways,I decided that it be best to turn around and retrieve my clothes.After walking and walking nothing looked familuar on where I put my clothes.I started to get a little bit nervous since being in such a public place and my clothes nowhere to be found.So after walking a bit further,I found them and got dressed.Just then,an eldery couple came around the bend and I would have been caught with my pants down...... ;) WHEEEW

hott story mrmountan!

Completely agree. Feeling the wind on my body, and the warmth of the sun too!<br />
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Have done a couple of naked walks this week, as the sun has been out, and it has been hot.<br />
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Want to go again today, but it's absolutely chucking it down! Pah! August sunshine comeback please :-(

I've done this in Hawaii (Maui off of the road to Hana) in a secluded rain forest setting and even swam in a pool. It was wonderful.

I can seriously identify with you on this....except for the no shoes part. I am extremely tender footed, and Ive had my feet bitten-stung-injured so many times in the past when attempting that (I even wear beach shoes in swimming anywhere but a pool). But what is a little caution and prtection for the feet? Im naked otherwise, and there is nothing like it.

this should be try by everyone. we do this thing all time

im going to be walking in the forrests praying i run into one of natures most beautiful sites....a nude woman enjoying nature and being part of it.....

Oh, i'm so jealous. I've always been interested in being naked in such a semi-public place.

Hadakarei,<br />
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It is so good to be naked outside as well as inside. Would u ever go naked with another gf or guy friend and just walk and explore (anything)? Id be tempted to walk with you and hold your *** and rub it nicely as we walked and talked and giggled.