Night Walking

When I moved to my new neighborhood, I concluded that my nude evening hikes were over. The homes are grouped closely together and very close to the street. They feature front facing windows and every home is well lit with landscape lighting and bright streetlamps. Nearly everyone sleeps with their windows open and the neighborhood is very quiet at night so there is a great chance of being heard as well as seen. Not exactly the ideal situation for what I want to do.

Typically I get up at various hours during the night. In the early morning hours, I noticed how most of the homes were completely dark. Also there were very few cars if any at all. Two cars arrive around 4 or so for newspaper delivery and that tends to be about it. After this observation, I decided to test the waters by taking out the trash. Gathering up everything, I ******** down and opened the front door. I was shocked to see how bright it is with all the street and house lighting. There are absolutely no shadows and if I missed anyone during my scope, they would easily see me. I gathered up my trash, took a deep breath and headed out the door. The cans are between my and the neighbors home so I have to walk around the front, past the two car garage and over to the garbage cans. As I rounded the corner I was awash in the lights that illuminate the garage door. Trying to keep everything quiet I reached the cans and gently deposited the trash inside the cans. Now on the way to the cans, I had the trash bags blocking all views of my midsection. Now I would be walking back to the front door with nothing to hide me. I began my return walk and made it back into the house without incident. While this was very exhilarating, I knew I wanted more. A couple more weeks of nude trash runs and I was ready to take a bigger and even more exciting challenge.

I decided that my walks will always take place early morning hours as I would be less likely to run into any children. Also it is not my goal to be seen by non consenting participants and I am not aroused while I do this. It is simply the thrill of doing something I shouldn’t be as well as the possibility of getting caught exposed and vulnerable. On the day I picked for my nude excursion, I returned from work and took a walk along my intended path. There are cars parked on each side of the road but no place to hide. Because of this my only option is to walk down the middle of the street. Also the houses have gates and fences between them so running between them to escape is not an option. There are a few sections of open park like areas that run perpendicular to the street that I could dash down however there is nothing to hide behind. So I walked the path noting any ditch points or hiding spots along the way. As I reached my turn-around point, I noted that there was a good 40 yard stretch where there were no parks or ditch points. This would prove to be the toughest and most risky part of the walk. I noted that it took me 10 minutes to reach this point at a normal pace. My rules for my walks are simple. My thought is that unless I am detected, I walk at a normal pace as this should draw less attention than someone sprinting in the middle of the night. Act like everything is normal and everyone most likely will assume the same. Also since I have very distinct tan lines, anyone bleary eyed from waking up or looking through curtains may assume I actually have shorts on. My most important rule is I leave the house completely naked. I feel that carrying clothes or stashing clothes along my route is cheating and takes some of the edge out of it. Go all out or don’t bother right? I walked my route back to the house again noting anything or anyplace I could hide. Basically I came to the conclusion that if a car came, it would pretty much be a race between us to get back to the end of the street and safely inside my home. I again took another walk around 11pm to note windows and light patterns. I was stunned to see how bright it was outside as virtually every area on my route was flooded in light. The skin from my hands and feet were practically glowing and this was with a tan! My untanned areas would surely stand out! I also noted that nearly every window was open and in one case I could even hear someone snoring. As I mentioned before, my neighborhood is very quiet. Originally I thought I would at least wear shoes but I noticed that my every step was quite loud and echoed slightly between the homes. I knew that this meant I would have to go barefoot so I wouldn’t draw anyone from their slumber to see who was walking down the street at such an early hour.

The alarm sounded and I immediately rose from the bed heart pounding in anticipation. I glanced out my windows and noticed that the windows for every house were dark. I listened for a bit for either dog walkers or cars and heard nothing. I figured it was now or never so I dropped my boxers and was about to open the door when I heard a car and the familiar sound of news papers landing in front of doors. They had never come this early before! I waited until I heard them turn around and listened to the motor fade into the distance. I took one last look and listen and opened the door. Out the door I went and I made it to the gate, as quietly as possible I opened it and walked through. The lights felt blinding and looking down, my state of undress was very obvious. Walking around the neighbor’s car I was now out in the middle of the street. I was sure that everyone was standing at their windows watching me as I took my stroll down the middle of the street. There were no shadows but I did try to stay where the light was the most dim. Three houses down I looked back and my front gate seemed so far away. I continued down the street nervously looking and listening for cars people or anyone. The fear along with the cool night air blowing over every part of my skin was quite a rush. Fifteen houses down and looking back, I could no longer see my gate. I knew now that any car or person coming my way and they were surely going to get a show. I got to a bend in the road and all the sudden stopped dead in my tracks. A kitchen light came on and someone sat down with coffee with their blinds wide open. I was so close to completing my trip I wasn’t about to give up now! Problem was unless I was willing to crawl past the window, there was no way I could get by undetected. So I turned and started my walk back. I don’t know if it was paranoia but every house I walked by creaked or popped. All of the lights remained off so I figured I was ok. When I was 10 houses away I heard it and turned. I saw the lights as a car was about to turn past the bend I was standing at earlier. I immediately broke into a sprint and ran the rest of the way back to the house, through the gate and diving into the house as the soles of my feet were black from the dirt and pavement. Closing the door as the paper guy tossed my paper in front of the garage, I crawled to the bathroom so I could shower off. I climbed into bed and relived what I just did. That was so much fun. The next time I want to make a lap around the entire neighborhood. Stayed tuned!

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3 Responses Oct 1, 2009

Wow. Great. I've done the almost exactly the same. Starting with trash etc.<br />
I have crossed a main road, down another street for about half-a-mile, and walked the beach for maybe an hour!<br />
I leave the bed naked! I've been spotted, like stroker2009, but they could not find me. One other problem is the stray dogs.<br />
But one day luck may run out. Wish I could do this with you.

Loved yor story. I've done similar walks and know well the thrill of almost being caught when you have no place to hide. Love to see your next story.

Try going naked in the day time,its even better.Charliec in the UK.