A Walk In The Park

I have a small park just off the beaten path near where I live.  When I go there, I usually have it to myself.  It's on an old farm.  The barn and some of the buildings are still there.  There is also a short nature trail.  But it's a great place to explore in the nude.  I can walk freely around the place without fear of getting caught (most days).  I typically stash my clothes in the barn.  The parking lot is small and the ground between the main part of the park and the parking lot is across some wide open ground.  I've nearly been caught a few times and have seen cars slow down to see if they really saw what they thought they saw.  I especially love it during mornings in the summer.  I sometimes have deer to keep me company.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I can certainly understand your feeling. I was at a nudist resort once, got up early for a walk and ran up on some deer and some wild turkeys. Being nude, I felt I was at one with nature. The temp was cool and invigorating as well. Such freedom! It's great to be outdoors nude!