Walking Away Silently

I thought i had Jake back ...  i honestly did .. and i still know God's hand is in this , because everytime i want  to go off he messages me or something  but it just seems like a big game .. why would he even waste his time telling me he loved me when hes in Iowa ??  thats pointless i live in Ohio .. I mean i was fine being friends with him when i added him i didnt even write him .. i just sent a friend request .  i was leaving it up to him to talk to me .  its been almost a month since this started . at the beginning he was really into me or it seemed that way and now i barely hear from him ..  he pretty much ignores me .. twice ive asked him if i could call him and hes said yes the first time i asked him to text me when he got finished so  i would know when to call .. he never did text me ... then the other night he told me to call him in the morning ... i called and no answer .. i think hes waiting me for me to fly off the handle and flip the script ..  but im not gonna do it .. all he ever says is " ive been so busy lately "  im tired of hearing it ..  im not gonna reply to anything he sends me if anything at all .. im just going away quietly .. and it makes me sad but im  not gonna let it break me ..  i ve lived without him for nine months i think i can go the rest of my life .   it just sucks cause i love him !!!  but i dont wanna be angry everyday i dont hear from him or wonder why hes not talking to me .  im not gonna put myself through that misery . its not worth it .  nothing is worth my sanity .. the odd part is ..  i dont even want to cry ..  i just want it to be over .   i should have know it was all bs . But ill be alright , im an overcomer thats what i do .
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2 Responses May 19, 2007

You're right when you say He is not worth it, actually NO ONE that treats you that way is. Recently a guy did the same thing to me, and like you I just eventually got fed UP!! DO yourself a favor and vow to NEVER speak to him again, in the end you will end up with much more self-respect. I don't know if you ever read the book, written by one of the writers who wrote fer Sex In The City, it's called * He's Just Not Into You *. It's a humoros book with a lot of REALLY amazing information about men. The bottom line, according to this book, is IF a guy wants you he will ALWAYS find the time to reach out and talk to you, no matter how *busy* he is. The book is in paperback and like I said it is full of fascinating information and is humouros in it's delivery. A really FUN read and a quick book to get through since it is so darn funny. ANYWAY he's the shmuck, who doesn't have the GUTS to tell you that he's moved on, so TOTALLY ignore him, hold your head high and let the guy who REALLY wants you to find you. If you are hung up on the shmuck the other guy won't even see you as available. I really like your spirit about this. HIS LOSS!!

Theres no doubt in my mind your one tough cookie! It sucks though when someone is not responding like that! I think your plan of action is a good one. No sense in driving yourself crazy! A lot of guys I am sure would love your phone number and the chance to text you! Hang in there girl!