One Step At A Time

From the time I was rather young I always found a reprieve in walking, one step at a time right on through the dense fog of my thoughts till the rays of the sun slowly dissipated them.

It was a way of survival and still is at it allows my mind to wander aimless until it finds the calmness and rationaliy that it seeks.

Upon return I am armed and ready to take on the cause of turmoil.

Walking helped me to get past some of the lowest times of my life. Even at a time when I had hardly a will nor motivation and was ready to sink.

The great outdoors whispered my name and would not let me.

And so I will walk. One step at a time.
snowberry75 snowberry75
36-40, F
4 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I used to drink! Now I walk!! Much healthier!

I understand this so much. I have had to leave my house and just keep walking, taking in the cold air, breathing deeply until I cleared the fog that clouded my mind.... It helped me to collect my thoughts and deal with issues slightly differently than if I had stayed and reacted to a situation...

Upset or not, I just love walks (I do them now with customers when I sense that they are upset). My Ex and I would do our best therapy sessions during walks. What's even funnier about her, after we had split...I would get random texts from her "feel like taking a walk". Her fella now is a runner...not quite the same as a walk. I know she misses our walks.

Hubs always says... a good walk is not a poor man replacement for therapy but a wise mans: choice... I always thought that was pretty cool and it just seemed to fit right into your thoughts here...