Drove Home Covered In ***

A few months back I went to my sex club for the afternoon, and I followed my regular routine as I always do. First I went into the small theater and sat in the back to suck off whoever wanted a *******. I like the audience and it's a good way to start because I get noticed, and three guys quickly fed me a load.
Then I went to the room without doors, audience again, and gave a double *******, going back and forth between till they came, and then sucked off 2 more guys.
Next was the glory hole withou doors where 3 guys fed me their ***** through the hole and I swallowed three loads for an audience.
Taking a break I went to the bench in the hallway, and waited, and in the next short period 2 guys wanted to go in a private room ( which usually means they want to suck me) so I went, let them both take my **** in their mouth but didn't get hard as usual but then finished them quickly.
Still in the room a guy I knew came in and I knew he didn't like body contact but he likes to jerk off in my mouth so I squatted in front of him as he stroked himself and dropped a large load on my tongue.
And then it got quiet.
I walked around and all the guys left were ******* off to videos and avoiding eye contact. One guy was in the open room and I asked him if he'd jerk off in my mouth, he said no, and then I said 'how about in my face?
He nodded, I walked in and laid sideways on the platform, and he started stroking himself faster from about a foot away and then he grunted and a small stream shot into my face and he moved a little closer to finish.
When he left I noticed a small crowd so I said 'anyone else?' and another guy stepped up and standing a little closer spewed onto my face, with some in my eye and hair. And then, guys started stepping n and ******* off and three more guys jerked off on me and I was getting covered.
Finally the room was empty and I went to the bathroom and someone was in it. So I left and went to my car, and looking in the mirror I was a mess. But instead of cleaning myself off I drove the hour back home still covered.
I was on a highway but I noticed a few cars keeping pace with me and saw them staring, and I drove almost all the way home before stopping in a parking lot, cleaning myself off and changing back to my guy self.
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

This is one of the, absolutely, most beautifully erotic stories I've read. Hard and wet, is what I am, after that. Of course; I'll have to jack HARD! and BLOW BIG all over my image of you, babi~ xoxo ~ kikkiness~

I haven't had as much *** on me as you did, but a few times I have walked out from the ABS with a couple of loads on my face. When I go there I always wear make up.....foundation, pale eye shadow, pale lipstick, & mascara, & I love the way the *** looks against the make up. Before I leave I wander around the store a bit making sure everyone there gets a good look at my *** covered face. But it's so exciting walking down the street with the *** drying on my face. As you said, some people don't notice, but some sure do.

I love walking down the street with fresh gooey *** dripping down my face. Everyone can see it and there's no hiding the fact that you've been sucking ***** :-)

Excellent. I have walked through the city with two loads of *** on my face but I don't have a scratch on you. I wish I could be as forward as you but alas, its the glory holes form me.