Getting the Mail In the Nude

I get my mail (weather permitting) in the nude.  I wait until the sunsets and then walk out to to my mailbox to get my mail each and every night.  I then walk to the mailbox a few more times during the evening as a means of being out in public in the nude.  I also get up at 6:00 Am and walk down my driveway to get my newspaper.  Nowadays the sun is out so I am walking in the total open.

I try anything and everything to be nude in and outside of the house.  I would like to see all who can to make public nudity legal so that you and I can walk to our mailbox in any state of dress or undress we desire without a concern except if it is raining or not.

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51-55, M
1 Response May 1, 2008

Great story! Bold and daring, I have done the same.