I Keep Walking To The Mail Box Naked, But Often I Don't Get Any Mail.

It happened again today. I walked down the driveway and across the road to my mailbox, look inside, and its empty.    Oh well, better luck tomorrow.   I don't know if anyone sees me.  I go out there naked almost every day. 
DozerDan DozerDan
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5 Responses Sep 6, 2012

I forgot I was naked and walked down our road to the highway and got the mail one day last summer. I'm standing there looking through the mail when a guy on a bicycle came by and stopped suddenly. He asked if I was alright and I said yes why? He said it's not everyday that he sees a woman standing bare *** naked beside the road. It was then that I remembered I was naked. I just casually explained I was a nudist and just forgot to put on clothes. We talked for a few minutes and I never bothered to cover up because I figured he saw everything anyway and I was kinda enjoying watching him steal a glance at my exposed body. We heard a car coming so I darted back across the road and got behind some bushes. After the car passed I told him I thought it would be better if I went back up to the house before I got caught. He informed me it was too late for that. I walked back up the driveway and about 1/2 way I turned around and he was sitting there watching me. He should have followed me because I was turned on from the experience he wasn't bad looking.

During the summer months I am always naked around the house and farm. Several weeks ago i walked down the driveway and crossed the road and got the mail. I was standing there looking through it when a guy on a bicycle rode by and almost wrecked. He turned around and came back and asked if I was alright. I said yes why and he said I was standing beside the road naked.I looked down and it was then that I knew I had forgotten I was completely naked. I told him i was a nudist and had just forgot I was naked. He said no problem and I told him I had better get back before I got arrested. He followed me back to the front porch but he just stood there looking at me while we talked.I was hoping he would want to try being naked outdoors but he never did.

My mailman delivers the mail to us every morning where he'll enjoy a conversation with my husband and me as we share a cup of coffee with him. I am always naked for our morning coffee as I am at all times at home no matter who is present as I hate wearing clothes. I love my naked freedom......

In the summer I also walk stark naked to the road to get the paper.

hehe thats so cool lol