I Walked Around Town And Realized An Old Friend Passed Me By

We were walking down the main street yesterday, out for a stroll. As we came to a corner, and stopped before crossing, I looked up to see a girl on a bicycle heading toward us. She made eye contact, and I realized it was my old friend M_____! She looked the same, but had longer hair, which was dyed a maroon color. But it was her, no mistaking it. As she passed by she looked at us, having to be careful with the bike coming up on the sidewalk.

I stood still for a few seconds, as the realization of who that was hit me. I looked back, and she was continuing on down the sidewalk, and did not look back.

I have known this person for years and years, maybe like 15 years. We've been through a lot together. We had shared an apartment, and all our friends were mutual. When she had a child, I helped her with the baby. She came to visit me a lot after she got married, and we always had a lot of fun together.

One time. maybe about 10 years ago, we were just driving down the street on a rainy day, and as we came to a stop behind a long line of cars, an inexperienced boy delivering a pizza in his mother's car plowed into us at 40 mph, totaling M____'s boyfriend's car, and sending me to the hospital with a bad case of whiplash. It was one of the worst things that we had both been through together.

After the accident, we had a hard time, and since I had a job which paid disability, I helped pay all the bills that she could not, like rent, electricity, insurance, all that. It was a long road to recovery from this accident for both of us, and in the end we collected enough to pay off our doctor bills and stuff from the pizza company. It had been stressful, yes, but we made it through with each other's help.

We went our separate ways about 7 years ago, when I got together with my current guy, but she still came to visit and we emailed, talked on the phone, and still stayed in touch.

After a few years of my boyfriend and I traveling the country, I had lost track of her, though I know of people who know where she lives and how she is. I have asked around a bit, but never actually saw her or talked to her the last few years.

When she passed us on the street yesterday and kept going, it really kind of hurt. I suppose she could have felt the same hesitation I did.

Should I have called out her name? Should I have ran after her? As she passed us and I realized who she was, I felt a smile come across my face at the recognition, however, her face was straight, no feeling in it, just sort of purposely blank. I did not feel like she wanted me to say anything at all. So I didn't. Therefore, I have regrets, and that moment went by so fast, I am sort of like thunder struck.

I walked around town and realized, a old friend passed me by...

...and I don't know why.

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That's a good thought Friutloopz, I had let that cross my mind, but was feeling totally sorry for myself. I should try to find her, it was just a case of perhaps surprise, and embarrassment, for both of us! I should have had more empathy, and realized that...thanks for the pointer it is totally appreciated!

Good idea, I imagine I can find her pretty easily due to our mutual friends. Thanks for saying that, it just might change everything..

I enjoyed reading it and i wish you had said something! <br />
<br />
I think i wouldn't want to regret anything in life nor would i want to think, what if and/or why? <br />
<br />
If i were you, I would seek her out and simply ask. just to lay this to rest. <br />
<br />
You might be surprise you know? Plus what do you have to lose?

I think he deserved it too! You sure surprised him! I bet he still tells that story to people, but with his own lies replacing the real truth, that he owed your mom lots of money...<br />
...some people will stop at nothing to get what they want, even sneaking phone calls.<br />
<br />
Nearly the same thing happened to me when a friend rented a room from me, didn't pay, and racked up a $200.00 phone bill. Then she moved out, and the next time I saw her she had a new car! I was so angry when she pulled into my driveway in her new car, and never mentioned the money I had to spend to keep my phone turned on! I didn't punch her, but maybe I should have. She did lots of other things to other people too.<br />
Later, though, unfortunately, Karma got her. Her daughter was paralyzed from the neck down and she has to take care of her daughter for the rest of her life. Pretty sad, but, that's life...

I enjoyed reading your story. It reminds me of an a friend that lived with my mom and I for more than a year. We treated him like he was part of the family and never asked him for a penny in rent or for anything else. When he graduated from college he didn't invite us to his graduation and moved out without saying a word. During his last month at the house he also racked up a 500.00 phone bill. My poor mom is a hard working nurse and this huge phone bill was a big burden for us.<br />
<br />
This was before cell phones so when he left I had no way of getting in touch with him. We never heard back from him. Years later I was driving cross country and I decided to drive through the town where his mom lived in. I found out that he was living there. I found his house, ran the door bell and when he opened the door, I asked "remember me?" he recognized me right away but was so dumbfounded he didn't say anything. I told him "thanks for the 500.00 phone bill asswhole" and I knocked him out cold on the spot. I got in my car and went on my way. Now when I look back I no longer feel bad about this jerk having taken advantage of my mom and me.<br />
<br />
Later, I told about my mom about it. She was upset that I could have gotten in trouble with the law but she had to admit he deserved it.