Yup, Walked Away F...

Yup, walked away from a seriously dysfunctional family, actually i only walked away from my parents, but in our family IF anyone upsets MOMMY DEAREST, than no one is allowed the benefit of the doubt, and contacting them would equal in my mother's eyes, the total betrayal of her again. Lord this woman cried like a baby when her 40 year old daughter had to leave the country with her husband for a better job in the U.K. she kept telling me i have no clue how it felt, the way she behaved was like her daughter died. When i said YES i knew how it felt because i dont have my 13 and 11 year old boy's with me 40% of the time, she replied, that's different, WOW, i thought i was pitiful, SHE should get an award!!
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sounds like my mum