Just Couldn't Do It Anymore

Well over a year.   I tried everything to get along to make it work.  We'd split - came back - split - came back - I promised myself that this was the last time.  So I packed my bags this morning and walked out of the front door.  Took a mental day from work because I couldn't stop alternating between crying and staring at the wall.   I couldn't take it. My heart is shattered and that doeesn't even begin to describe the feeling.  He wasn't sure how he felt.   So I left. Which is what he said the last few times we did this.   But this time I'm not going back because I deserve better.  I don't need the anguish and I promised myself this was the last time.  The ultimate last time I would let him do this to me.   I won't break a promise, particularly to myself.  

JessC1000 JessC1000
1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Im doing the same thing tonight. We are both still young and have the rest of our lives ahead of us. why waste it on guys who dont care about us? You did the right thing by leaving.