I Hear My Parents Having Sex

I quite often hear my parents having sex ! I don't know what to do because they don't even do it  late at night. So often I'm still watching TV or on the PC in my room so they obviously must know I'm still awake and I never know whether to get up and turn my electric off because then they will hear it and it will bring the fact that I'm awake and can hear them to their attention.
Often I'm in my room minding my own business when I hear a kind of slapping sound and moaning and I freeze. I have to literally tip toe to turn my TV off so that they don't hear me! I hear their bed rocking slapping sounds and lotss of moaning then kind of like a scream. In a way it really freaks me out but also I like the sound and it turns me this normal to be turned on by this??? Please help
PS I'm 16
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it's absolutely normal to listen, enjoy and be turned on. and if you ********** and ****** with them while listening that is normal too, sharing in their sexual love which produced you, and will i am sure lead to you loving your parents even more deeply. please add me to your circle.

I'm 11 and I just heard my parents doing it. Fell asleep on their bed late and I was so tired from track practice. So my parents thought " oh she's asleep and he's not home from work yet!" So what happens they do it!!! I was scared my mom was moaning like she was hurt, so I knock on their door and they take a minute to say come in. My moms excuse was my dad was having a cramp! I know what how he reacts when he has a cramp!!!!!!😭 I tell her how I thought she was hurt, but she said that she's fine and that she thought I was in a "deep" sleep!!! I tell my brother when he get home he tells me he hears them every time they do it. I start crying like an idiot, he says it ok because it means they have a healthy realationship! And if they do it everytime I lay in their bed almost every night.... THATS FREAKN GROSS! So it almost 2:00am I have a quiz and I can't close my eyes because I keep thinking of my mom moaning!! Help me please!!😭

Don't worry and be glad they do it, because if they didn't they might fight like cat and dog instead. In a few years' time, don't worry, you'll be the one moaning under a penis too. But how old are you, girl? If you're 11, you shouldn't be here...

Sophia, at age 11, you should not be going to their bed for any reason. Sleep on your own bed, even for a nap.

What a stupid remark. Do you have children?

Re-read her account. It doesn't add up. I stand by my original advice.

Also, if you're having problems accepting that your folks have a healthy sexual relationship, speak in private with a school counselor. They can help you deal with these feelings and sort you out. Also, you state that you are 11, yet your profile states that you are 18-21. Are you lying here? One or the other is wrong. You have some trust and honesty issues going on here. Please correct your profile and respect EP's boundries. It's time to start acting more adult.

I've signalled this person as problematic. Either she's 11, or she's 18 and remembering when she was 11, but I can hardly think of an 18-year old complaining about her parents having sex. The last thing to do is to speak with a school counsellor about this; it is no concern of the school and these people, half the time, have very devious thoughts that may lead to unacceptable situations. just to show how "professional" they are. Her parents' sex life is a normal family occurrence that has nothing to do with school. All parents have sex. If they didn't we wouldn't be here. Let he deal with it with her brother, her girlfriends, ie people her own age as we all did.

Agreed. At her age, she should be going to her sibs and friends with this type of stuff, but I can understand why she might have preferred the anonymity of going on a forum like this instead. Oh and about the age thing, you guys haven't considered the fact that you need an 18+ account to even comment on this story? Exactly! She probably is indeed 11 like she said, but lied when creating her account so she could view and comment on adult content like this.

rejoice in their sex, it made you, and enjoy listening to them express their love and desire for each other. even better if you ********** while listening and learn the pleasures your clitoris and vagina offer you from the love of your parents.

oh and please add me sofia.

Just out of curiosity... to what end would a 56-60 year old be wanting to add an 11 year old girl after her posting of sexual content?

as someone whose sheltered childhood left me devoid of any social or sexual skills and virtually incapable of interacting in any meaningful way with others, i am always happy to encourage others who are seeking to explore and develop themselves, particularly sexually. in return i enjoy hearing from them about their experiences of a kind which i missed out on myself in my early years as this aids me in my quest to understand myself. i was forty before i reached the stage where i began to break out of the repression which had engulfed me. i don't have a single lifelong friend from my own childhood, such was the depth of my isolation from those around me. the years when i should have been learning to be social and sexual with those around me were wasted and i am trying to make up some of the lost time. any views, opinions, information, that i can exchange with anyone, but especially anyone of age 20 and downwards when most of the development takes place for the vast majority of people can only be of assistance to me in that. i know how failing to explore in youth leaves you, if by encouraging others in their own development i can gain knowledge which helps mine it's of benefit all around.

Hey, no offense intended, but it's just that one can't be too careful in this world of unsavoury internet folk. Thanks for replying and satisfying a girl's curiosity.

no worries, i wasn't offended. it's good to get any opportunity to express myself, after all that's why we're all here and in my case having had most of my life bottling it all up it's a release every time i talk openly about my problems. please do feel at liberty to message me if you think any of your own experiences would be of help or interest to me, i cannot have too much assistance as i seek to reinvent myself.

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Uhh if your turned on by your mom I find it weird but what ever I don't even get turned on by my step mom and they have sex like horny rabbits

I was 7 when I heard my parents doing this and OMG. In a small house it kinda rocks everything.

Depends on how sturdy the bedframe is, and if it is up against the wall, or not.

yes, it's quite normal to like what you're hearing so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I feel the same way I heard my parents doing it once and it kinda turned me on 😁

It occurs to me that perhaps they are "getting busy" precisely because they hear your TV set and know that you are being distracted by it, and that they are safe to enjoy themselves. By turning it off, you may actually be embarrassing them more! (Just a thought....)

Hearing people **** is normal and natural. What's all that guilt complex about it?

I hear it all the time from my parents too, it freaks me out and I don't wanna say anything, mostly because there 40. I guess if your parents are young, then it would be normal to get turned on, but other wise I would think it be weird.

Sorry but yes it is normal to be turned on by this. As long as they are not killing each other just lie back and learn.

Man wish my past girlfriends were this open about what turns them for real.
And not beat around the bush about there perverted side. Every one has this side to them. I just wish they were more open about what turns them on, right from the beginning. Maybe me being so clean cute, they think I will not like there "bad" side. Sigh
It's like pulling teeth with women to get them to admit what they like.

Haha... "beating around the bush" ;D

Yes, I have a dirty mind.

Just noticed what you meant Anna......LOL
Guess I should choose my words more carefully ehhh?
Or did I choose them carefully?

Keep writing Anna gives me another reason to check back in here. ;D

It's normal n all kids have heard there parents n got turned on

Then you're obviously not my child

Much better than hearing them argue. I heard my parents having sex tonight and even watched them (without their knowledge, of course). It was a beautiful experience and I don't feel guilty about enjoying it.

Man that\'s so fantastic your so forward about it.

Only because I'm behind a keyboard; it's not exactly something that pops up in conversation with my boyfriend. It's actually kinda awkward when he stays over at the weekend and my parents start going at it, because I get really horny and want a ****, but I don't want my parents to hear. Yeah, I know that's a bit hypocritical or whatever, but I'm actually a lot more shy than my mom.

He will be fine with it unless he is very uptight about sex.
It's not like your asking to cheat on him or anything.
Guys in general are waaaaay more excepting of a girls dirty thoughts (unless it's with another guy) then girls are of guys dirty thoughts. Would you agree?
Again this is in general.
Just tell him you like hearing your mom get loud and he will most likely jump all over it...;D

yes it's normal to be turned on. Maybe you should talk to your mom about it, she will understand since it's early and she must know you can hear them. If you don't want to talk to her maybe you should give her some hints like turn the tv on very loud when they are doing it so they know your still up.

I get turned on to when I hear my mom moan, even though she is my mom. When I hear them I usually hint to my mom not to do loud anymore which helped. Now she is quiet. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night hearing my mom screaming.

My parents do the same thing. It really ****** me off and I find it very disrespectful. In fact I'm purposely typing loud so maybe they'll take a hint. In the morning I plan to mention something to my mom, just like hey: "I know you and dad enjoy your sexy time and all, but can you please wait till later, because its really not fun for me to hear that while I'm sleeping, trying to do homework, etc."

You should not be freaked out. The first time I ever had an ****** was when I was little and heard my parents f**king. I went downstairs to watch them and felt hot and wet and start flicking my bean and before I knew it, I was on the floor moaning almost as loud as my mom was, only difference was she was riding my dad's **** and I was just fingering my little 8 year old **** alone outside the door in the dark. Man I am horny now. Seriously, best free live **** you'll ever see.

That's really stupid. ******* stupid.

Sure it is normal and erotic. When you hear your father scream in ****** he ********** exactly where you were conceived. Be grateful.

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hearing my mom moan makes me wanna go in there an **** her my self

You should tell them if you know ask if everything is okay because you hear slapping and you freeze but then u mind ur own business but you often hear it but im not saying that u dont know what they are doing

I'm a guy and my parents were having sex last night and I heard I must have came 4 times

Yes it is normal.

Sure, Bbella, it's ok to be turned on by it. We are all sexual beings, and you are no different.
People are aroused by all kinds of things and this is one aspect of life that you have been able to hear, though you may not have expected it. In the future, you may want to be more obvious about being up and turning off your electric. Your folks deserve to know that you're up and around, and if they can hear you, that they know you can probably hear them. Don't worry about it


Ewww! That's disgusting being turned on by your parents?!?

Lol that's funny :)

Okay, so I stayed over my best friend's house last night and heard her parents having sex. I don't know if she heard them too or what her reaction is because I always sleep in the guest room, but she didn't say anything and I still feel too uncomfortable to talk about this with anyone I know, not even my best friend. I mean, sometimes we talk about ************ and stuff like that, but not this. I dunno, she may feel the same way about hearing her parents, but I don't wanna risk it. Anyway, it was the first time I've heard anyone else having sex other than parents and I had the same reaction, so I think I just get turned on by people having sex. I think it's like watching a ***** or hearing a *****, but I will admit that I get more excited when it's my own parents, but I think that is just because I know I shouldn't be doing so. Whatever, it gets me wet everytime and the ************ is great so I'm not gonna stop. I say just enjoy it!

Hey. I tried to add but they won't let me. Sorry. I would like to hear about your experiences from a guy's perspective though. What do you think turns you on about it? Just the act or something more? I think for me it's just the act of people having sex, but I dunno coz I also got turned on when I saw my dad and enjoyed it. Maybe it was just coz he is a guy and it was the first time I saw that act happening in real life and not like on tv or whatever. This is driving me nuts btw and I am kinda afraid it will become an obsession - trying to listen, spy on people having sex, like Cest said in the first comment. :/

Oh and please be genuine people. I am looking for honest replies not perverts. Thanks.

I posted my story in "I love to listen to people having sex"maybe I should repost it in here also.

I think it's much better to hear them having sex than having an argument, and if you are able to tune in with their sounds for your pleasure then even better :)

Yes I am real and genuine guy.
From my experience this can become addictive so be careful, it\'s like anything in life that feels really good, do with moderation if you feel your losing control.
Send me a message and we can talk if you like by which ever means suites you. Messaging here, share emails, or yahoo messenger.

I'm sorry If this offends you for some reason but, That is really weird and sick why would parents ever have sex while their kids have friends over?!?!!?! I would defiantly confront your friend about it. Just be casual (as casual as talking about sex can be) and say you know when I was at your house the other day, did you hear any weird sounds during the night? And if she says no just say that you think that you might have heard her parents having sex. You'll most likely both be able to laugh it off

You're right to be cautious. Remember that classic advice about borrowing money from a friend. It applies here also... "When deciding whether to borrow money from a close friend, decide which one you need more..." In other words, how important is it to confront her with this embarrassing info? What is she likely to do with it? Is it worth being banned from their house? Is that what you really want? What is to be gained by broaching the subject with her? Or should you just let it go...?

Oh wow, talk about getting the wrong end of the stick. What's with all the talk of confronting her and her parents being sickos for having sex when their daughter has a friend over? It was well after midnight and we had all gone to bed, so they probably assumed everyone else was asleep. Nothing sinister about it and no cause for one to go getting astride their moral high horse. As for "broaching" the subject with her, I had merely been curious as to what her reaction is when she hears her parents having sex, that is all. Since most kids are not like me and seem to be grossed out by it, I decided not to go there. So no harm done. Anyway, this was back in my days of overanalysing everything. I had been hearing my parents having sex and getting turned on by the sounds, which I thought was weird. Then I had this experience of hearing my friend's parents having sex and I found I had the same reaction. After then I concluded that it's got nothing to do with whomever is having sex and that I just get turned on by hearing people **** in general. Okay? Cool, glad we cleared that up. :-)

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It is normal to get turned on hearing other people having sex. Even if it's your parents

Love it too...wish I could hear them right now.