My Mom Was Striped Naked By Another Women

This happened a few times when I was a kid.
My mom "WAS MARRIED" at the time but there was a few events that I can share with you on this site.
Mom sister in-law mom's brothers "WIFE" use to make a few odd comments to mom a few times out in the open.

Comments like : I will take you up stair to my room and get you undresst and relax you, :I think you should leave your husband and move in with me.
                               Oh I have your clothes off of you real fast
But this one night we stayed the night at my Uncles house when he left for work the back shift around 1am I herd this fast breathing and a voice that was nervise when I looked to see what was going on.

I saw my mom's Blue Jean shorts and mom's white scoks and mom's white sneekers laying on the living room chair and mom was laying on the floor NAKED and she was sliding a ***** in and out of mom' both vagina and her bum.
This went on for a bout 2 hours before she stoped.

And a year after that the same thing but this time they were watching a movie and around 2am she actully striped mom naked
and started ******* mom on the couch and all I saw was mom's feet bouncing off her sholders this lasted 1 hour.

And a year latter they were playing Nintendo game in the back room and she had mom in the room naked and mom ************ on her bed in the room were they were at.

But after that event there was no more events

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Jul 16, 2010