I Caught My Mom With Another Women When My Mom Was Married To My Dad For 14 Years

When I was 12 when I was in bed sleeping I was woken up by mom and this women talking loud and with then having the TV on to loud besides.

Around 1am when they were watching TV I noticed that this women who was over our place was looking at mom alot and also was looking at mom for long periods of time.

And when mom got up to put a tape in the VCR this women started asking my mom odd sex questions like if she happy married to my dad and happy with her kids and questioning moms sex life.

Mom would not reply.

But when mom sat down back in her place on our couch she reached for mom and started unbuttoning moms Jean shorts and started rubbing moms vagina area and she took moms jean shorts off and also slid off moms under wear off and took moms white tank top off and pulled off moms Bra
and started  feeling  my mom and 5 min latter she took mom sneakers off and pulled off moms socks off and mom was actually sitting on the couch naked.

She got behind my mom and started moving her hipps pretty fast behing mom and mom started to breath hard and started to make sex sounds a bit and this women told mom lets go down stairs so I would not hear them.

She was doing things to my mom like for 3 min before she took my mom down stairs to our rec room.

And that is wear she made mom have sex.

For the next past hour all I herd was mom screaming out loud with mom crashing her bed hard up agest the wall
wile this women was distroying my mom pretty good.
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2 Responses Sep 30, 2010

Man, that's pretty messed up of that women. People are quite vile and self-gratifying, knowing they're coming between a marriage... Sorry you went through that.

that was hot but i am sorry u heard that have had the same happen to me frequent friends visiting and them ******* my parents