Spying On My Parents

When I was in my late teens I used to try and catch my parents having sex. I had a room next to theirs and sometimes, very occasionally, would hear faintly my mother gasping and moaning. Their door was always closed so one night I got up the courage to go outside and look in their window. The curtains were drawn adn the window shut, so no luck. But I did it again each time I heard them at it. One summer night I was in luck and the window was open a few inches. I reached in and lifted the curtain a fraction till I could see them. Wow!

The bed was side on to the window, only about a metre away. There was light from a bedside lamp. Being a hot night, the covers were off and my parents were lying on just a yellow floral sheet. My father was underneath on his back and my mother was sitting on him, slowly lifting and dropping, using her knees, her hands running over her hanging breasts.

The first thing that struck me was how pale and hairy my father was compared to my mother’s smooth skin and olive complexion. And how lean and muscled he was compared to her plump short build. His short reddish hair, her long dark hair. His angular face, her round soft features. A real visual contrast.

My father had a smug look, had his hands on her hips helping her lift up and down, was silent whereas she was audibly panting, moaning each time she dropped fully down, gasping every now and then that it felt good.

I was sexually active by this time, had been for more than a year, though my experience up till then was limited to giving blow jobs. My boyfriend of the time was pressuring me for sex, so I was curious on a number of levels…

As I watched, I was interested that they didn’t seem in any kind of hurry. My experience was that guys, as soon as they got their penises in my mouth, were barely able to control themselves and were anxious to ***. But here were my parents taking lots of time. My mother paused, spent a minute tying back her hair, took a sip of water, went back to churning her hips. Another couple of minutes and they’re back into it, my father gets ahold of mum’s boobs and milks them. She smiles down at him, coos, tells him to do the nipples. I get all hot watching this part, especially when my mother’s eyes get all hooded and she grinds back hard for a minute or two. Then she lay down on top of him, breasts falling heavily to the side, and they kissed as she worked her hips a little longer.

And then they were on to something else. My mother eased off my father, said something I couldn’t make out, picked up something from the other side of the bed I couldn’t see, then stood talking, one hand rubbing a breast. But I was barely looking at her – I was looking at my father’s penis. It was lying glistening on his hairy belly, the foreskin bunched a little, the knob bulging and plum purple, his balls out of my sight between his spread thighs.

My mother slapped him on the thigh and he made room for her, joked about something as she lay down on the mattress. He got up and it was his turn to slap her on the thigh as he shuffled on his knees. She reached up, tugged on his ****, fitted it to her *****, then pushed her hips up as he entered her.

They ****** steadily, talking about how they hadn’t done it for more than a week, that it was too long. My mother shifted about a couple of times, her chubby thighs going around dad’s waist, then clamping him tighter. He smiled at her, said she was hot, bent his face down and kissed her breasts. She smiled indulgently and they started to speed up. Dad went up on his elbows and his back arched as he thrust deeper and faster. Mum held him by the upper arms, her eyes intent on his face – which was getting redder and redder.

You ready? she asked after another couple of minutes. He nodded tightly, still thrusting fast. She let go his arms, ran hands over his chest then took his nipples in her fingers. I was amazed at how hard she pinched and twisted them. I was also amazed at his reaction – he writhed, bucked hard, arched his neck. His face went even redder and he groaned, lurched, thrust hard a dozen times, then collapsed on top of my mum. She held him tight, softly kissed his neck, whispered something.

A couple more minutes and he rolled off and onto his back. He was on the far side of her so I couldn’t see much, just his sweaty chest rising as he panted. My mother rolled towards the window and reached for her cigarettes. I could see her bushy ****** matted and glistening as she put a cigarette in the corner of her mouth and lit up. Then she lay on her back and smoked, blew smoke at the ceiling, while my father cleaned himself with tissues, passed the box to her. She wiped between her thighs and tossed tissues on the floor. They talked about something banal for a couple of minutes, got into their night clothes, then turned out the light.

I was afraid to move in case I made a noise, but once they were obviously asleep I tip toed back to my room…
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wow sure sounds ******* hot

hot story - did you get turned on?

Did you then have to take care of business?

Such a naughty girl,, I love it.

Good learning curve. Wish I had had one back then.
Had to learn from real basics and what t was all about .

Sex education at its finest!

I'm finding these stories so late. Beautiful story though.

Great story, you made feel like i was there watching your parents with you.

Did you touch yourself while you watched them and/or when you went back to bed? Did you ever watch them again?

A fantastic story. I hope it helped you in future sexual experiments.

I seen my mum n step all the caught by mum many times also n later my step both never did Anythin to stop me from bein able to see them n I began to realise they both made it so I was able to watch n that is summat that says they enjoyed knowin I was watching them at the time since then much has happened after I seen things I did n it changed everything for the better. Not everyone will agree with me but some do n I wouldn't change any thin n wish I could go bak watch it all n do all things that have been done again :)

That's really cool you got to see your mom in that light.

I used to think I was being sneaky watching my parents have sex and play sexually(from the age of 4 on up)...until one evening mom waved to me in the mirror i was watching them in. I was about 6. I don't think dad saw her do that. She let me hide in their bedroom closet if they were going to have sex so I could see. She didn't tell dad for a little while about that. Being just a kid, of course I ended up tripping and making noise in there once so my mom had to fess up that she had let me watch a number of times. He was surprised at first but was fine with me watching but certainly not getting involved. I asked if I could be naked too (what little kid doesn't want to be?!) and they said yes but I couldn't be involved. The only thing I could do during our "naked time" was suckle (I was dry nursed until I was about 14.) I was the only one of my siblings who got this private time with mom and dad. It made us very close, but no harm was done. It was beautiful to watch how lovingly they touched each other's intimate parts, and yet how wild and rough they could be at times...not weird or hurtful though...just raw passion. I am in my 20s now but wish I could still get naked and watch them if I go to their house.

I haven't. I shouldn't be nervous or embarassed because it happened for years and should feel normal. But kids enjoy being naked and curious without self-consciousness. 20-somethings are more inhibited. But I very much need to suckle again and experience the intimacy.

Did your parents please each other from the butt? Like, your dad playfully spank your mom and rub her between her thighs, she rub his butt hole while she was sucking his, he wet his fingers from her juice and play his wet fingers through her butt, or she lick him there.

good story

Yea used to hear my mom and her boy friend. One night my buddy and I saw her giving him head we watched her suck him it was so hot. I think we were 13 or 14...

That's hot they ever know you liked to watch or Anythin ever happen

Sound like they where a great couple.....are they still alive?

so sexy, loved the story, cos i saw my folks ******* too, so hot... thanks for sharing, Tim

love your story

I watched my dad do a couple of his girlfriends and I learned a lot about both sides.

It's good training to see a number of other women being mounted

i came home from school i was around 13 i walk in house na mom dad in there bedroom having sex icoudl hear mom moaning an see dads *** moving up an down on top of mom an mom saying harder

Nice. I hope you heard his grunting as he was shooting his ***** deep inside and imagined how huge his **** was at that time...

dad had nice size one whne he was done an got off mom standing with his erection

Isn't it wonderful to see the glans that made you, still gooey with the juices from the sheath where you were conceived?

it was nice to see yes an suprise of course they still did it but at that age when i saw you would htink they dont do it any more lol

Well, you were in your late teens, they were anywhere from early forties to early fifties, an age when the male still has powerful erections and the female loves to be ****** even more, since her orifices are now well-trained and she's not threatened with another pregnancy. You'll see.

yes that is true as they got older they **** more an more an no need to worry about babies then

Yes, and both her holes have been trained, so they work better

yes dad would do moms holes all of them growing up never did get caught watching

And watching your mother being mounted makes for such pleasant memories...

it was s nice to see dad on top of mom or mom on top of dad or on all fours,there were times i could not wait til lthey went to bed so i can sneak an watch them **** never did see mom suck dads **** much

Seeing him nount her on all fours like the stallion mounts the mare, seeing his **** go in and out until the final grunting as he creamed her while she moaned must have been very exciting, not to mention a good lesson in knowing how to mount a female! Was your dad better hung than you or are you roughly the same?

my dad is much bigger then i am so well hung an thick
to hear mom moan out as dad plunge into her raming into her so hard
watching as his *** move up off her an drop fast onto her
seeing dad grab my moms *** when she was on all fours an plowing deep in her anal canal as mom yell out an as dad slap her *** cheeks as he thrusted into her seeing dad pull out of her an seeing him cover with his ***** all over dripping as mom fell on her stomach on the bed an dad getting off her inot the bathroom

How could you be sure he was ******* her in the anal canal and not in her ****?

i would just assume he did both holes at times i did not know for sure

OK, of course he probably would, any grown-up female gets it in both holes when done doggy style...

yes for sure they do

If one didn't, we'd be quick to point out to her she has two orifices, not just one...

lol some women dont like itanal

Oh, they get used to it, believe me. For some beginnings may be a little more difficult, that's the main difference...

it took my wife years to get use to anal but for me i did not mind it at all

Good, for both of you...

it is nice to take it anal an it must of been nice an exciting for you to know they wre doing it while you were up an can hear all going on
did they ever telllyou there were going to have sex

she dont like anal so we dont do it anymore shame

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Wow. That must have been hot.

Nice story..I peeked on mine all the time but bathroom only. Never did see them *******.

I can understand why you watched I would if it were my parents

I just had SEX with my hot @$$ girlfriend b1tch3s

my cup of girl
i like pervert girl

Well, you know what kind of **** produced you...

Same as your dad? Or yourself?

Meaning what? Your uncle is the one who impregnated your mother to conceive him?

Don't see the connection between my earlier remark and the way your brother and uncle look, that's all.


...and you probably *********** from **** to ******* like crazy...

It is amazing how you could hold your postion through all of this time hehe, arousal can makes us endure uncomfortable posiotions...

You are so lucky to have wintnessed such an intimate moment... and you describe it with so much detail I just immageneed I was there too... thanks...

Soft kiss

Very very hotttt. I'm surprised you didn't ********** watching them. I know it's weird that they're your parents, but I remember the first time I saw MY parents ******* and I was immediately aroused and started fingering myself.

very erotic

I used to do the same thing in my jr. high years. I remember one time I must have made a noise and i had to scamper back to bed. Dad came in and looked and I was sound asleep. That was a close one.

Excellent story! I would have been so afraid of getting caught. Hehe I would imagine after a show like that you didn't remain a virgin much longer and knowing many adolescent males you were sadly disappointed your first time. Oh what pleasure experience brings... ;)

Hey everyone! Im a recently divorced mom and have caught my 14 yr old son spying on me when he thinks im asleep. Any advice greatly appreciated x

Advice? Let him watch. And ********** doing it. Just don't expose yourself. It's a lot more exciting for him to play the voyeur. And for you to know you're providing fantasies for him to exercise his growing penis.

Great writing, Aliicia, I was twitching and turning with your father the whole time. You write extremely well.

Great story. I especially enjoyed the way you recounted it, so desc<x>riptive, I almost feel I am there with you. Thank you.

It was interesting to see how SENSUALLY you described what you saw, unlike us guys might have. Nice writing, gal! Although you didn't say it, I imagine you were ************ while you watched, weren't you? If not, how could you have resisted that? I corresponded with a young woman a few years ago who actually ended up seducing her father and when her parents divorced, she moved in with him and had sex with him continually, often in front of his best friend, and once on a camping trip in a stream with a fisherman near by, ************ as her father ****** her. Did you ever fantasize about ******* your father? None of my business... just curious. I would think so after seeing his naked ****. Thanks for sharing this erotic episode with us....


I loved the story. I was 8 years old when I watched my mom sucking some guys ****. I was hooked then, My mom would go out and when she came home she always brought a different guy home and she would **** him in the living room. I watched her get ****** by at least 8 guys one night. I even got to **** her later in my teens...

i saw my parents haveing sex dad as on top of mom an he was humping her mom was moaning out her legs stretched out when he was done mom suck him off me i was 13 but came in my pants watching

Breathtaking enthralling story alicia. I loved it. Made me very wet.<br />
<br />
Thank you so much for sharing.<br />
<br />
Kind regards,<br />
<br />

it is so hot

I had some similar experiences. I grew up in a very open family were casual nudity was a regular occurance. The oldest of 6, after me 2 brothers then 3 sisters, it was normal to walk to and from the shower with nothing on or leave bedroom doors open when changing. For many years we only had one bathroom so several of us might be sharing it at any given time. Well on a few occassions I heard the familiar sounds coming from my parents bedroom and it was easy enough to peek the the slightly cracked door. The first times it happened and I was curious about what was going on I found myself getting aroused and not really understanding why. I had experienced erections before but had not yet learned what to do with them.

is your mom hot and sexy??


Great, raw story Alicia. Sounds like a James Ellroy novel.

Omg the same thing happened to me I just had to go out side and see what's was going on in there room

When I was young and started to hear my parents having sex, I would open my door to listen. The sounds turned me on incredibly and I jerked off listening to them often. I also made recordings so I could listen on my own time instead of waiting for them.

Great story , very disc<x>riptive

Excellecnt story. I'm not some pervert but can you explain to me all the ************'s please I really don't undeurstand that

Nice story, made me really hard. Did you ********** as you watched?

I'm looking forward to reading ALL of your stories. In the words of Mr. Burns......Exxxxxcelent! :)

Wow! Just Wow! Wrong on so many levels, I just loved it. You can really tell a story Alicia. I could have never imagined my rents having sex and not sure I'd want to watch the experience but that's me. I can relate to the ******* part. I've still got the V card but try to make up for it by indulging my boyfriends with a great bj just about whenever they want. Mostly it doesn't take very long at all.

can i have a picture of ur mom dude

can i have a picture of ur mom dude

Great story. I never really saw my parents having sex, but we have been caught by our own kids.

Every once in a while I could hear my Father begging for sex, but that is about all.

Great story

Well written story.... You captured your experience<br />
And clearly gave me a feel for all pla<x>yers involved....<br />
But you.......

this is a very hot story and being like a "spy" to watch sexual acts even if they are your parents is a normal instinct done by curiosity

can't quite imagine having watched my parents, like you did....that said, what a hot story...and I wished I had watched your parents on this occasion.

So what all did you learn for watching them?

I love that desc<x>ription of your parents having sex, and I love that your mom had a very bushy ***** :) Very hot!

so sexual a spy, bet you were feeling many things down at your sweet bottom... did that start more of the urges with your boyfriends?<br />
<br />
Kisses<br />

Quite a story... I think I would have run in horror if I had seen my parents like that!

Your panties HAD to get wet after watching all that. Did you go back to your room and bring yourself off?

They sound very cool. Can't help wondering - do you have that in your mind as something to aim for (experiences like that)?

Absolutely phenomenal! As you had a very good glimpse of his fully erect hard glistening penis with its plum-purplish head, did your hand ever find its way inside your wet panties and how erect did your nipples become as you watched?